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September 16, 2005

From Human Rights Campaign, "Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger indicated through a spokesperson that he will veto the California marriage equality bill that passed the legislature in an historic vote on September 1."

Lovely. I couldn't believe it when he was elected. What kind of fools were we? Not only was I embarrassed to be an American, I was now embarrassed to be a Californian. I heard people actually saying that they were going to vote for him as a JOKE, never thinking that he would win, and that made me so angry. I wonder how many did? Fabulous. The continued deprivation of civil rights in California, brought to you by the right-wingers and jokesters.

Gah. But this makes me feel somewhat better. You've all seen it, right? For those of you who haven't, here's Bush writing Condoleeza Rice a note, asking if he can take a bathroom break during a Security Council meeting at the 2005 World Summit on Wednesday. Another here.



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You could come live in Massachusetts. Marriage is legal for everyone - at least for the moment.

i was going to say the exact same thing as carole.

But it would suck to have to leave the place you love to live, just in order to enjoy a basic human right that you should enjoy everywhere. However, until California comes to its senses and the Asshole is deposed, might I again suggest Canada as a temporary solution?

Those jokers would have been better off voting for Gary Coleman.

Marry in Mass...honeymoon in Maine! perfect!

I hope this is a joke -- a grown man, the leader of a larger country, needs permission to pee?

You could always move to Great Britain. Or Spain. Or Canada. Or ...
On another "note": I'm not too sure about that picture. It looks a little fakey to me. Please bear in mind that I'm so against the Bush administration that you wouldn't believe (I'm not defending him in other words)! But it just looks a bit ... off?

You have The Terminator, we had Jessie "The Body" Ventura...who got the better deal? I think it might be me. I had such hope that he wouldn't be a piece of shit when it came to this...but no, he is a heartless fool.

Um...is that a question mark? Is he asking her if he needs to take a bathroom break?

Temporary? No way. I vote Canada as a permanent solution.

I'm hoping that "the note" makes it into a new edition of the kids' book "Everybody Poops".

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