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September 19, 2005

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRISTY! My sister is the coolest, and she got her diploma, Master of City Planning, TODAY, which was nice timing. From Berkeley, might I add? She's that fucking smart (and beautiful, to boot.) I'm very proud.

And THANK YOU for the response on the last post. It means the world that you're standing by us, next to us, with us. Thank you doesn't begin to cover it, but that's where I'll start. Thank you.

Oh, so very, very, very busy. Life is SUPER crazy right now, but in a good way. But I just came home from running desperately important errands (a quick coffee visit with my girl thrown in, and I learned that prosciuotto and pesto on a bagette eaten in the sun is very nice).

We had a fantastic weekend, what with going to Becca's Knit Out picnic at Lake Chabot (I've lived here almost ten years and have never been there? What's wrong with me?), followed by going up to Bolinas where The Whoreshoes (the original typo was The Whorehoes, which is hysterical) gave another outstanding performance. They're so the favorite Bolinas band. People young and old showed up already wearing their tank tops, and it was standing-room only from the very first song. And they rocked out, honky-tonk style. It was a fantastic show, and we ended the night throwing our air mattress on the balcony (where Swearingen stands in Deadwood) and slept outside. Okay, it was a little beachy-damp. But awesome under the moon.

    Emily, Lala and Camilla discuss how cute they are

And now that most of my errands are done, and I only have a few more phone calls to complete, I'm glad to be home. On my doorstep this afternoon I found TWO good things:


Steph's book, and Duff's tape. I know how I'm spending the rest of my day off. I've worked hard enough. Oh, yeah.


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Lala looks quite fetching in that hat. You've got quite a catch, Knitter!

the whorehoes, teehee.

Grace beat me to it. Heh.

what a great day! $50 is a stretch for me right now (back to school obligations/fundraisers) but I would love to do a combined effort. :)

Lucky duck!

That Duff knows how to mix the summer tunes. Even more cover versions of "The Gambler," that's what I say! Maybe the Whorehoes could take it on?

Glad to hear you had a great time. Yeah I am getting that book soon, the first one was fantastic.

Happy birthday to your sister!

I love your idea in your last post...

Hi Rachael, Congrats to your smart sister! Go, Woman!

I am so sorry I missed you at the picnic! Did you spin?

Congratulations to Christy - my partner has his masters in city planning too and loves being a planner (I guess there really is a place for everyone out there!). I don't know if you've seen this already, but if you haven't check out the knitted wedding http://www.castoff.info/wedding.asp


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