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Rockin'September 27, 2005

I am sorely disappointed. You know when you get that craving for a good bagel, and I mean GOOD bagel, not a Noah's bready bagel, and you have to have one? I crawled Oakland looking for one this morning, not willing to make the ten-minute trek back to the city where I worked until Sunday, and I now have to admit, there are no good bagels in Oakland. Sigh. I'm chewing dough here, people, and that's not right.

But I must catch you up on the doings! Such doings lately, most of them to do with music.

Sister Christy had a party! No ordinary party, either, it was the preview performance of the band Deadpan Alley, which will soon be coming to a city near you. I think it will, anyway. They freakin' rocked the house.

The band is Christy and her best friend Becky, and they've been playing together for, oh, maybe fifteen years? I think I last heard them live when we were in high school, and I thought they were fun then. Now, dude. They're just plain great. And they have a Harry Potter song! Yay! (Also, Christy's been saying for a while that she's learning the bass. I believed her. If she tells you the same, don't listen. She SO KNOWS HOW to play the bass. And she looks good doing it. As does Becky. Man.)

They had the party in a friend's loft in Oakland, just off Telegraph. It was one of those beautiful last-of-summer nights, and my friend Winter took in the sights:


There was a veritable feast set out for us, and Becky and Christy were delightful hosts.


And then they rocked out:


Gettin' down:


And the crowd goes wild!


(Yes, that sure is Celia, in one of those weird cross-over thingies. Christy has worked with her for years and told her about my site when she learned that Celia was a knitter. Celia was all blog-what? Huh? And wow! The rest is history.)

So they rocked. I was very, very proud.

And more rocking was had when The Whoreshoes played the Ivy Room in Albany. Man, that's a cool venue. Still feels like an old cowboy bar, so the girls fit right in. Not that they're old cowboys or anything. You know what I mean.


And look who was there to hear the gals! More Celia:


There were other knitters in the crowd:


That's Jane and Becca seated next to the Knitting Katherine, and I met a very nice new-to-the-area knitter named Cordelia (hi, Cordelia!).

I was just happy to hang out with my rockstar.




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I've never ROCKED before, but I think I could do it...looks like you guys had a blast. And anything that involves knitting, music and socializing, I am down for...too bad about the bagel. I think I like doughy bagels. But I'm in the midwest, what do I know?

So Rach..wouldcha like me to fedex some New York Bagels to ya?? Maybe with a schmere of cream cheese on 'em?? Nothing like a NY Bagel..something about the water!!! Let me know, I would be happy to accomodate your bagel cravings!! mwah

There -are- good bagels in Oakland ... in my freezer! I brought them back from a NY trip last month. It's not as good as having them fresh, but they're still pretty yummy after 5-10 minutes in the oven.

That is such a sweet picture of you and Lala, by the way. :)

OooOOoOOo...I love a good bagel. Better than...well...other breakfast foods. Sorry you're having to exercise your jaw so much with the nosh.

Lala's hair looks darker...me likey! Cute picture of your lovebirds! : )

Nice picture of you guys there at the end of the post. Glad you had fun!

Now I am craving bagels thanks to you!!! There's a great place called benny's bagels in Vancouver that is open 24 hours. I have ended up there drunken after rockin' many a night... but that was ages ago! I am totally into the Whoreshoes 'cause of you! Wish I could of been there :D

Five bucks says you KNOW what *I'm* gonna write viz. the bagel issue...so I'll let it go.

C'mon, Em. You know she was just asking for it, posting about finding a good bagel.

I miss bagels, too. There are hardly any Jews in Northfield (MN), let alone bagel shops. :(

I got so desperate in my search for a good bagel (having grown up on the east coast) that I tried making them myself. So. Much. Work!

I could perhaps send you a good bagel if you could send along some good Mexican food? Deal?

Aw. I can never get over the utter cuteness of you two.

Do the Whoreshoes ever play anywhere other than California? Like, Georgia, for instance?

Oh man, the bagel quest. If you find anything good in Oaktown, let me know. Still though, anything here is a billion times better than the only option I had in Mexico--frozen grocery store bagels. The checkers at the store always asked "Que es esto???" Sigh.

It's too bad I missed all the fun. Someday I'm gonna catch me a Whoreshoes show.

Just consider yourself lucky not to be completely bagel-less. Sadly, there are places in the world where the locals have to live without a morning bagel (my preferred breakfast). I haven't had one since February when I was last in the US, and even then, I settled for supermarket industrial stuff. I'd take that over nothing any day. But, then, you can't get cream cheese around here, either. Sigh.

honey you dont know what I would do for a Noahs bagel with salmon schmear. I WOULD KILL FOR SALMON Cream cheese spread... KILL!!!

sorry if there was anything else to your post... I started salivating at the bagels point and well- BAGEL BAGEL BAGEL... lost girlie- you lost me at bagel :)

So many rockin' ladies! Yeehaw! That's what I like to see.

Sucks about the bagels, though. I swear I haven't had a proper bagel since I left Montreal.

Rock 'n roll, rock 'n knit... oh, you might want to put the point protectors on first.

Celia -- she IS historic, isn't she? Pajama Days, and her get-togethers, and Italy -- oh! I just love that lady all to pieces.

I so love the shot of the knitters at the Whoreshoes show. Too much fun!

Well, there's a great place for bagels just a couple blocks from my apartment. I'll try to bring some on the trip...

As someone who has grown up on GOOD bagels because I live in NY, I feel obligated to offer to FedEx you REAL bagels if that craving hits again. Or you could just come visit, and I could take you to all the bagel hotspots (oh, there ARE bagel hotspots... trust me!)

And yes Rachael, I am serious. You want good old fashioned NY bagels, you just need to let me know how many and what kind. I will take care of the rest =)

what's all this about bagels?

did you see how great my legs look in that bar??? or is that just your extraordinary photography skills?! you know, i knew you were one amazingly talented woman rachel, but i really had no idea how far those talents could stretch -- nice work!

sure was great fun to hang with you all at the ivy room, looking forward to seeing you again soon!!

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