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September 15, 2005

I'm spinning bunny fluff! But you can't see it! I'm at work, nowhere near my wheel. Sorry. I'm just thinking about my afternoon of sitting on the couch watching TV before work.

It was nice, just me and the cats and some coffee. I was watching Music From Another Room with Jude Law.  Boy, do I hate that movie. And it took me about forty-five minutes to realize I'd seen it before, and I'd hated it then. Nothing in it makes any damn sense, and the main chick character that he falls for has no soul, I'm convinced. Even in real life, she probably casts no shadow. She's that boring. Although she was kind of fascinating in her boringness. Give me the blind Meg Tilly character any day. Only, you know, that's okay.

Anyway. Bunfuzz and wool. Oooh, it's soft and just the lightest pink and I have NO idea what I'm going to make out of it, except it might become some sort of lacey scarf. I only have eight ounces of it, so my options are somewhat limited.

Unrelated really, but here are some sleeves I've been working on -- my own design, for a friend who lives on a boat and needs a little warmth this winter. 


Man, I'm so ready to go home this morning. And going-home time is a-comin' soon. Happy day to you.


the sleeves are very very cool. i might want to live on the boat, so can you make sure you write down the pattern? ;)

um yeah that was supposed to say "a" boat, not "the" boat. :)

I've been saving lots of bunny fluff from my daughter's American Fuzzy Lop bunny. He is currently shedding his coat and resembles a poofing dandelion more than anything. (He's a "retired" show bunny and is SUCH a diva!)

I'm going to attempt to spin the fluff on a drop spindle, which feels about like spinning air!! EEK!
It'll be kind of cool do have yarn from our very own bunny, though!

I'm already in love with the pattern, Rachael! Please share. It's so cool we'll even pay for it!


Happy Day to you too!

Nice cables.
Have a great day.

Hey Racheal
Love your wacky site. A question. Just got some cotton blend yarn and a choice between the rowan cotton bomber and ribby. since you made both, which do you like better and why? Thanks for the insprirations and the laughs.love ya!
Ann in the wild state of Vermont!

i just watched music from another room and i can't say that i hated it but i too was a little perplexed about why jude law was obsessed with her. but to be honest with you i only rented it because jude law was in it.

also, i rented before sunrise and before sunset. i had see before sunrise and hadn't liked it. ethan hawke had annoyed me to no end -- all greasy and full of himself. and she had bugged me too. i really liked before sunset though. and like real life, they mellowed with age and had lost the postering of youth. know what i mean? they were more fragile as adults than they had been as kids. i still hate ethan hawke though.

The sleeves are very cool looking! Spinning bunny fluff sounds like fun, that's one of the fibers I have yet to spin.

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