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Know Thy Neighbor September 16, 2005

Yes, Massachusetts rocks. Dude. They so do. However, there's a group calling for a "Constitutional Amendment to Define Marriage," which will define marriage as the union of one man and one woman, and will deny same-sex families marriage and civil unions.

The group has to get it on the ballot, of course. They need a petition to do so. And yo, the signers of petitions are a matter of public record.

I love this site. It's extreme, yes, but we have to stand by our convictions, or why waste the breath? How long before they manage to close it down, do you think? Thanks to Brooke for the link.

[Would I feel differently if the tables were turned and I was worried about being gay-bashed for signing a pro-gay marriage petition? I might, yes. It's just that the gays, they're not so much for the bashing. I don't think the anti-gay marriage people have quite as much to worry about. Interesting question, though.]


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I think TPing is in order - if nothing else it will make us feel better. A little bit, no?

I'm behind you 1000%.

The problem with that site is that the anti-gay marriage, uh, people (is that what they are, I mean human like you and I?) are already so damn paranoid that this just feeds into it. They are absolutely convinced their Christian way of life is under attack.

I still find it fascinating that this group feels their marriages are threatened by gays. Unless they're not being straight with themselves. ;)

You won't find my name on that site, but I'm glad that they are doing it. It's public record. And would I feel differently if it was a petition I was signing? No. I think that if people are going to sign something, then they should be willing to take a stand about it. Secrecy breeds hatred.
My good friend was in the gallery at the Statehouse on Wednesday. She is now gearing up for the next campaign. Knowing many of the legislators, she is hopeful. She told me that one of the legislators--the one who actually cosponsored the initial amendment but then voted against it--told her that the pro-gay-marriage folks he met with were invariably polite and well spoken, and that many of the anti-gay-marriage folks seemed hateful and vindictive. They burned their own bridges with him.

I saw the news last nite and hollered! wahoo! and the website is good stuff thanks.

In a small step forward yesterday, my next door neighbor (a late 70's yr old italian man) called me "Sue's partner" last nite. We both were floored. If little old men (and his wife) can think we are hunky dory, then why are others so narrow minded?

I'm glad you posted that link. I think people should have to stand behind what they sign.
And I don't understand why any heterosexual person would give a rat's ass about who can and can't be legally married. My BIL (who isn't really a BAD guy but is way too conservative for me) said that gays shouldn't be allowed to marry because then they can adopt children. Helloooo?!? You don't have to be heterosexual or married to adopt a child. We had a pretty good argument about that one. Narrow minded people make me see red.

Is it bad that this is one of the few reasons I'm glad to not be a Californian anymore? I was embarassed by his election too.

I think it's great that someone is making the names of petition signers so readily available, and I wouldn't feel any differently if it were a petition I were signing; secrecy in these things is cowardly.

Thanks for the link and post!

i'm really glad you posted this stuff. i probably needed a reminder, even if it's a crappy thing to be reminded of. maybe this indicates a failing of mine, but i really can't understand why people would think that way. i'm just at a loss.

I get so *frustrated* with people who are against gay marriage, especially since I started reading your blog (whenever that was...). I hate that people are trying to legislate according to the Bible (hello, freedom of religion...), and I hate that they are saying procreation is the only reason for marriage. What about us heteros who can't/don't want to have children? Are our marriages invalid now, too? 'Cuz you can't have it both ways. Grrr. People who love each other should be able to get married. Period.

phew -- no one from my town -- but has anyone else noticed where most of these people come from?

Yay, Massachusetts!

Must . . . resist . . . temptation to sign certain people up for multi-year subscriptions to Out and The Advocate.

Classic case of instant Karma, though. I love the Internet.

The conservatives want to make government smaller. So small that it will fit in your bedroom!

Thanks so much for posting that link.

Golly gee, Maryse. I noticed that too.

(for non-MA people, most of those towns that the signers live in are....shall we say, out of my price range...)

Does anyone else want to go in half on a membership? I'm po but gay, yo!

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