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MeMacSeptember 29, 2005

Well, heck! Thank y'all so much! I really loved making that sweater, loved every moment of the process. I fully plan on doing a little post on How I Done That, but maybe tomorrow? Today, I'm busy setting up my new computer. Lala got to me. Yep, she did. My old old old laptop, which didn't even support my iShuffle because the USB port was so old and slow, has been a pain in the ass for a while, not typing the M key unless it was punched four or five times, and now it's not liking the J or U, either. And it's been freezing and crashing for a while now, and I finally got tired of not being able to run more than two programs at a time. I used to open a program and knit a couple of rows while it went kachunk kachunk kachunk and thought about how much work it was opening a Word document for me. It begrudged every moment of it.

But as of last night, I'm running an Apple PowerBook G4, 12 inch, lots of things in it. I'd tell you, but I've already forgotten. 512mb something, and 60 gig something else. I know that the 512 part is like the stuff on top of your desk, useful and immediately to hand, and the 60 gig is like the stuff in your filing cabinets - you can still use it, but it takes longer to go reaching for it. And it's cute! Did I mention how cute it is? And little? Oh, oh, oh.

I'm actually smarter about computers than that sounds. Not like Lala, who knows everything about Macs (helloooo, built-in tech support), but I can get around. But it takes a while, doesn't it? I'm moving pics over and cleaning out my old computer, making sure I have the old important stuff carefully archived on my external hard drive, my Yahoo briefcase, AND the new computer.

Is it my imagination, or does iTunes sound better from a Mac? Can that be? They're the same files played on the same speakers, just moved over (and it was so EASY), but they sound better, I swear they do.

I was going to tell you something else. What was it? Oh, yeah. This'll kill you. (Thanks to Scamper via Lala.)


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Bwah! I loved that mpeg! "...the one with the tusks" So funny!

iTunes does sound better on a mac. And have you checked out iPhoto???? Do. Post-haste my dear.

Honey, everything sounds/runs/looks better on a Mac! ;-)

Oh, the little 12" PBs are so cute! I just want to put one in my pocket. Except...I might need bigger pockets. Lucky you, new Mac (hooray!!!), and a great girl to get one for you. :)

I *loved* that film! The sales clerk was just perfect!

I love that commercial! I live in LA so it's more true than you even know. Thanks for finding a link to it...I've been wanting to blog about it, but just couldn't put it into words...

Very funny.
Just had to say ''I love my Mac !''.

ROFL. Welp. We're goin' to a county fair tomorrow. Well, not really a county fair, but a S&W. With the cows. With the tusks. In Vermont. I bet it'll be different than that. Hee!

That is hiLARious. hee.

And yay for new computers!

Ummm, when you make me a sweater, you know, when I'm prego on my boat in the cold cold wintertime, make sure it's cashmere from the BOY cow. You know, the one with the tusks? LOL Funniest thing ever.

I drool at the sight of your sexy powerbook G4. Drool buckets.

i am so jealous.

OH, NO!!!! I'm too late!! I've lost you to the darkside!

Congrats on your new 'puter. They've been playing that commercial out here for about 2 weeks...I rolled (my eyes) when I saw it. You know what they say, truth is stranger than fiction...

Yeah on the new computer! I just got a computer but not one that nice! I got the Powerbook G4 for DH for his birthday last month and he's LOVING it! He takes it everywhere. I hope you enjoy yours as much as he is enjoying his!

The Mac is like chocolate, or unicorns: it just makes everything that much better.

Cashmere comes from the one with tusks!!! LMAO!!!

Great new 'puter! Enjoy!

I have to join the "I love my Mac" chorus. The 12" Powerbook is awesome. :)

That commercial is as funny as the woman on "Amazing Race" who didn't know that Pennsylvania is a state.

OMG that is hilarious. Up here in "ranchin' country"...that would give people apoplexy!!!!
Love your blog...

Man if that's what all that California sunshine does to your brain, I am so glad I don't live there.
Thanks for the laugh and congrats on the new puter.

Congrats on joining the Macside. I have a PowerBook G4 15" and I LOVE it. I love your blog, and have knit your pattern for the hot water bottle cozy. My family fights over it. I also shortened it so it could be a sweater for my sister-in-law's 20 year old teddy bear. He needed something to hold him together! Works great!

The 12" macs are SO cute! I live and die by my 15" Mac PB...

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