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Nope September 21, 2005

Oh, well. All the DPNs in the world didn't quite get it done.... But you all are amazing. And we were told that had it been a question of $20,000 to $30,000 difference, they would have taken the loss and chosen us, because they loved the letters we wrote. We wanted to keep the little wagon-wheel cottage as it was. We didn't mind that the water wasn't connected to the bathroom sink or that the electrical needed a complete overhaul or that the disclosures ran to 108 pages.

But the difference in offers was way WAY more than that (I'm guessing that it was at least $75,000 more than ours), so who can compete with that? We do wish the sellers the best, and hope that someone ends up living in the little cottage rather than tearing it down and building condos.

We know that our perfect house is out there. We just haven't met it yet. Can you imagine how rad that'll be? Now I'll show you a picture taken with my camera phone from the car, because I just want to look at it sometimes....


That's it, just peeking out back there. It was on 10,000 square feet of land, with apple trees and blackberries. There was an old broken wagon in the front yard, and a wishing well to the side. We would have had room for an alpaca or two. Of course, the counter-offer we made was so high that we'd have been so broke that we would have had to steal the alpacas. And then we wouldn't have been able to afford much food, so we would have had to eat them, and that would have been terrible and sad. What a narrow escape!

I was purdy sad and had a little cry. Lala was very nice to me. But I like to fall in love, even with houses (okay, especially with houses, I'm a Cancer), even if it means heartbreak. It's worth it.

Just as well, too, since I took a new job, and only have two more nights here at this one. Then I have a week off, and then I move to a fire/medical 911 dispatch job. It's a slight paycut, but will eventually be quite a bit more money, and it will be 3 12-hour shifts a week with an extra shift every other week. What that translates to is I'll have a four-day weekend every other week, and a three-day weekend on the other weeks. Benefits are much better and it'll be less stressful than dispatching cops, which I can use right about now. It'll be a commute of about 25 miles, and it's a bad stretch of 580, but I'll get used to it. I'm excited about the change. (Even though it's completely self-indulgent and egotistical to point you to this link, my coworker and sweet friend Kelly wrote a love letter nonpareil, which is here. Thank you, honey. I'll miss the crap out of y'all.)

So I suppose that would have been a lot of stress all at once, new job, new house, not knowing exactly how much I'll be taking home in pay. It's all for the best. I'm disappointed, but it'll be okay.

And I need to get back to writing. I've been busy and preoccupied, and I'm looking forward to getting back into it.

I love you all. Have I mentioned that? I swear I'll show you something knitting related soon. I still knit, I promise. Going to knit right now, as a matter of fact. We all know that works wonders.


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Sad about the house, but good news about the job. I read Kelly's tribute, and it made me teary eyed, cause that's what I want them to say about me when I leave my current job. So from one knitting 911 dispatcher to another, best of luck!
(I hear what you say about the stress of dispatching cops. I dispatch Fire, Medical, and Law Enforcement, and though they all have their stressors, it's the dispatching cops that occasionally puts my heart in my throat on gnarly calls.)

Great news about the job! And you know what about the house? It's because it wasn't meant to be. If it had been, you'd be moving in soon. This just means that there's an even better house waiting for you, and who knows? Maybe you'll drive right by it next week on your 25 miles commute to the new job and it'll only turn into a 5 or 7 mile commute. Because that's just how it works sometimes, for nice people who deserve good things. Right? :-)

I'm so sorry. I had a little sneefle on your behalf.

ONE of us was supposed to get our dream house, and seeing I'm living in Satan's Very Crowded Armpit Which Is Full of Spiders and Fruit Flies, with no prospect of immediate escape, I had thought it might be you.

Feck (I didn't want to shame you by saying fuck twice in one week in your comments). Oops.

Anyhow, what they said. If it's going to work then it will. I'm sorry about that house but so glad you won't have to eat alpacas because I'll bet they're pretty gamey and you'd cry the whole time anyhow.

Congrats on the new job; sounds like a better gig.

Mwah, and such.

Lots of big news in this posting, eh? So sorry about the house, but so glad you won't be having to budget so tightly to make the stretch -- no one wants to consider the merits of fried alpaca sandwiches after all. And good luck with the new job!

we loves ya back.

i'm going to echo jon here. it wasn't meant to be. you don't want to be that strapped for cash, because being that i'm practical (and not a cancer ;)) i have to tell you that 108 pages of disclosures is a scary thing.

so congratulations on the new job ... so jealous about the long weekends! ... and you'll find that perfect house.

Well...I bet alpaca doesn't (darn, nearly wrote dusn't) taste very good anyway. I am sorry it didn't work out. But the new job sounds great. And can't wait to seem something knitted soon. Hugs to you Rach!

Sweet as a place like the cottage might have seemed, that'd been a lot of fixing up to do. This way, you and Lala will have more time to snuggle instead of struggle. Congrats on the new job.

Sorry, sweetie.

Hugs to you and Lala (if indeed she accepts them from me; not sure on this).

And all the more reason for you to come heal at Bear's Retreat.

Sorry, sweetie.

Hugs to you and Lala (if indeed she accepts them from me; not sure on this).

And all the more reason for you to come heal at Bear's Retreat.

Hey you. Just thinkin of you. Sorry you didn't get your house, but a different, even more special dream house is definitely out there. I'm a Cancer too, I can relate.

*hugs* And congrats on the job! Sounds like a good deal in the long run.

Aw schmoo, I'm sorry it didn't work out, but there's another one out there for you and Lala. I will continue to cross my fingers for something even more wonderful for a couple that totally deserves it.

What a sweet post about you! Now I want you to come be my co-worker. Can you arrange that?

and then who knows? maybe it won't work out with the other buyer? and you can always put up a yurt to rent out for extra income... and then again ditto what everyone else said...xo

Money sucks. I love the fact that you almost earned the house simply on the strenghth of your (and Lala's) writing, and it's too bad it didn't work out. A better situation will come along, hopefully soon!

Well, damn. See my email about the house anyway.

The new job sounds promising. I certainly like the idea of longer weekends and more writing time.

The right house will be there when you're ready. I promise.

Aw, darn it! But as others have already said, this probably means that something even better is waiting out there for the two of you.

Good luck on the new job and enjoy the extra writing time.

Well of course I'm disappointed for you about the house, but it sounds like it's really for the best. If you'd gotten it you'd be scrimping and belt-tightening and everything just to pay for it, and then you wouldn't be able to buy food or yarn or any of the other necessities, not to mention fix the bathroom sink and the other 108 pages. You WILL find the perfect house. I know you will. It's somewhere, waiting patiently for you and Lala to find it (maybe someplace that will shrink the 25 miles of 580 for you?). Smooches to you both!

That was a lurvely love letter.

Darn, dang, damn but I guess it just wasn't meant to be yet... But if this wasn't, then just imagine the splendour of what IS supposed to be your dream home. It just hasn't come along yet! Love.

I'm sorry to hear that. But I'm sure there is that special house out there for you!

Best wishes

I need to reevaluate my pretzel mojo. Sorry about the house...I'm sure something perfect will come your way when you are ready... :)

I need to reevaluate my pretzel mojo. Sorry about the house...I'm sure something perfect will come your way when you are ready... :)

That was one sassy and wonderful lurve letter. I am a Cancer too, and I feel I must reiterate what so many others have said: it just wasn't meant to be, and something even better will come along. We know this from experience. ;-)

.."one door closes, another opens"..corn-dog sap I know but it works for me..good luck at the new job and thanks as always for sharing so much of your wonderful self with all of us..

So when the next, even better, even quirkier cottage that's closer to your fab new job comes along, remember that you don't have to buy or steal (and then possibly eat) the alpacas. You can board someone else's alpacas so they pay for the food and alpaca rent and you get to love them and pet them and spin their hair for free! And sell the yarn to buy your own herd! Whoa, better look for a place with lots of land for all those alpacas.

Too bad about the house, but there are many other houses out there! You will find the right one for the two of you. Congrats on a new job - the long weekends sound delicious!

Reading your friend's entry about you just reminded me of how much I like you. Which is a lot. Also, now I want to hear your "A.M. Love" voice.

Also, I feel you on the falling in love with houses thing (maybe because I'm a Cancer too). Lately when I walk through my neighborhood I'll look into one of the cute old houses (I'm in an apartment complex nestled amongst lots of big historic homes) and see people's family photos on the walls or their kitchen clutter or their comfy couch and I'll start crying. Not in a bad, depressing way, but in a sentimental, hoping-I'll-have-a-nice-home-someday way.

Sorry you and Lala didn't get the house, but it obviously was not meant to be. You will find your perfect house and you will know it when it comes.

That was a sweet tribute from your friend and co-worker, honey on a biscuit, huh? Now I want to hear your voice!

Congrats on the new job! That is excellent. And 3 and 4-day weekends sound like a good deal to me. Enjoy all the blessings in your life! :-)

Well heck, seems like fire/medical would be more stressful than cops, but what do I know?! Congrats on the new job, I'm so proud of you!

Sorry about the house, I guess it wasn't meant to be, but it sure looks beautiful. There must be a better one, at a better time just waiting out there for you. Much love.

This has been said by others, but everything happens for a reason. The right house/timing/situation is still out there and you guys will know when it's time.
Great news on the job, though.

Sorry to hear about the house. You're right, though - the perfect one is out there somewhere.

Your new job sounds like a great move. I did an Alamo-to-Palo Alto commute for years in the 90's. Once I found books on tape, I actually began to enjoy the drive. There are so many more options now with Audible.com. Too bad you can't knit and drive!

Sorry about the house. But congrats on the new job.

I truly believe things work out for the best. We just don't know what's ahead and that's the hard part. Keep the faith.

Just thought I'd put it out there in case you have a yen for mountains and de5sert--for about 275,000, you can get a great home and 35 acres in Trinidad Colorado. Perfect for llamas, chihuahuas and blue grass musicians. Just puttin it out there...

I'm glad you've got a new job and long weekends to look forward to! And I understand your sadness about the house, but honestly, in a way I'm releived and sort of glad for you that you didn't end up with the maniacal financial stress at this point in your relationship. Money struggles and house pressure can severely and irreparably damage even the strongest relationships. Trust me on that one.

Your Perfect House will be whichever one has Lala in it. One that you can make beautiful and comfortable together. Enjoy your love and your engagement and your wedding plans. The house will come.

Well, I guess you'd better get back to writing. I mean, if on the sheer strength of your writing the sellers were willing to lose $30,000, then dang, you're good!

Best wishes on the new job. I'm thinking Marie Irshad needs to interview you next for knitcast so we can all hear the "AM Love"/"Honey on a biscuit" voice.


Aw, shoot....

Cool news about the job though! Good luck!

So sorry about the house, I know how it feels to fall in love with a house..

Sorry that you didn't get the house.

But I am happy to hear that you will be dispatching my brothers and sisters.

And you will find your perfect house.

When you find yourself not caring about 108 pages of disclosures, you have fallen HARD. But it will be okay. Promise. We love our house, and I think it's even better than the original house that put us on this wild roller house-buying coaster. It will work out. And, hey, congrats on the new job!!

You'll be amazed at the beautiful home you'll get when the time comes. Congrats on the new job and good luck!

The perfect house will find the right time to find you and Lala. Ours found us through knitting, so maybe your will too. All those wishes on double points have to be good for something!

Good luck with the new job.

Dang! It's amazing, though, how disappointments like this can help you focus on what you really want in life - and what you really deserve is the best, darling.


okay, now that we've gotten that out of the way. you think they've got another one of those long weekned jobs lying about? think they'll let me work from home? in vegas? no? 'kthanks.

you let me hear tell about you cryin' again and you'll have more than a bad stretch of the 508 to deal with, honeygirl! never you mind that i fall in love and cry over stuff all the time. that aintcha business.

[translation: boo for not getting the house. yay for long weekends and new beginnings. i think you're wonderful. consequently, i don't like the thought of you crying, but i can certainly relate and i think it was completely in order.]

i want a sign. i want it to say "gone knittin'". i'll get you one, too.

I'm soooo sorry you didn't get your dream house. But it could be a blessing in disguise. Tom and I did get our dream house and almost 10 years later and who knows how many thousands of dollars, we're *still* fixing it. It's very frustrating when the renovated sun room has to be redone because of a major roof leak. Keep the faith and keep looking! It's out there for you!

That really sucks, and just shows how crazy the real estate market is here. But another one will come along--honest

Well, poop. I know exactly how you feel, dear girl. We went through this recently, putting a great big number on a little piece of paper and nervously handing it to our agent. We could not come up to their numbers (they had no other offers) and they would come down "only" 100K (are you hurling?) Good thing we did not get the house because the property taxes and upkeep on The Palace would have kept me up at night. I say this only because the romance of a perfect house is one thing but the bitter relationship with a place with pages of disclosures can look like a sexy woman with Summer Teeth (some'r teeth, some'r not) in the morning light. Saturn in Cancer makes for changes on the homefront. Your home will show itself and as someone else said...the commute won't suck.

Oh well. The housing market here is bound to cool off someday, right? Right? I hope so, anyway. I love the idea of the two of you moonlighting as alpaca rustlers. You could wear black Stetsons and bandanas over your faces and squint menacingly.

Oh well. The housing market here is bound to cool off someday, right? Right? I hope so, anyway. I love the idea of the two of you moonlighting as alpaca rustlers. You could wear black Stetsons and bandanas over your faces and squint menacingly.

Dude, don't worry. You don't want a little shack that will fall down on your head in the rain. Just move on and the right house will be there for you when the time comes.
And good luck with the job! Doesn't it feel GREAT to quit? That's one of my all-time favorite things to do - saying SEE YA to the boss! :)

Ah, you're a Cancer, I shoulda known. All my favourite people are Cancer, always have been. So sorry about the house. Can't wait to hear when the right one comes along.

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