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SailorSeptember 28, 2005

Lala has a bandmate who is the best thing ever. Not only has she accomplished more at twenty-six than most of us ever will, but she can play any instrument that crosses her path, she can write songs to rival Nashville's best, and she is doing a really unselfish thing. She's pregnant, and because she's a sailor with realistic dreams of sailing around the world, she knows now is not the time for her to raise a child. So she's giving the baby to two daddies who can't wait to meet their new son or daughter, which I think is totally amazing.

But she lives on a boat (a small boat), and it's going to be winter soon, which means she'll be pregnant on a boat in winter. I figured she needed something warm, and I figured she deserved it. Also, I just wanted to design an aran, so I did. Forgive all the pictures -- I'm pretty proud of it. I hated to give it away, which was a good sign.


Pattern: Mine. Wheee! 40 inch chest, raglan shaping until the sleeve cap ran out, then a k2p2 neck rib until I liked the look of it.
Yarn: Peruvian Highland, from Elann in Malt Heather, 14 balls used.
Needles: 4US


Could use a blocking, I suppose, but I rarely block. Why start now? The cables are from the Vogue Bible and the ones framing the main cable are the important ones. They are the traditional horseshoe cable. Or, as I like to call them, the Whoreshoe cable. I ran them up the front, back, and sleeves, all facing up to collect the luck to her heart.


Shown: Both front and back of sleeves. I like the underside of the sleeves -- I wasn't sure how to fill in the space as I increased the sleeve width, and I was too lazy to deal with fudging another cable pattern, so I threw in k1tbl separated by single purls as the space allowed, stopping at a total of 11 k1tbls. Makes for a cushy elbow.


Note how I fill it out. Keep in mind that I am not pregnant.


Digit and I both like the neck.


And on Joni!


See how wee she is? I figured if it fit me on a good day, it would fit her pregnant. I was right. Sigh.



Now I'm vaguely worried about other friends being sad I haven't made them a sweater, but most of them know I have to be moved to make one. And please, if you're my friend, and you're pregnant on a boat in winter, I'll totally make you one. Promise.



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You're so funny. You blog along and blog along, not mentioning anything about knitting, and then--whammo!--pictures of a completed, self-designed sweater in its entirety. How DO you do that?!

Amazing, as usual. She is one lucky ducky.

what a loverly sweater! the baby and mom will be so cozy and warm! you are just the best Rach!

Excellent job, my dear! And looks great on the giftee (others may envy her sweater, but I must admit I totally envy her boots! I've ALWAYS wanted cowboy boots--maybe this will be the dream that helps me lose the weight... Others may dream of sailing around the world; I dream of having calves that will accommodate boots)

Wow. That's a gorgeous gorgeous sweater, and I'm a total sucker for cables. I'm amazed you managed to keep this secret and off your blog for so long!

Did you just figure out guage and then number of stitches to cast on for a 40" chest? Or did you use any basic sweater pattern at all?

Either way, I'm totally impressed :)

i'm not a cable person, but your cabley projects always look great to me anyway. this sweater is such a nice shape and it looks so cushy. and it looks really nice on both you and the tiny recipient.

Totally. Impressed. Wow!

So thoughtful - by both of you! What a great story and a beautiful sweater

Beautiful! I'm itching to try my hand at designing an Aran - you're an inspiration!

I am so impressed. In fact, I really wish that you had shared your process with us, but I get the surprise factor. But on the brink of designing an aran myslef, I would love to know how YOU went about it. Care to share in posts for a few days?

Beautiful! I'm itching to try my hand at designing an Aran - you're an inspiration!

Giving a baby to a family that wants one is amazing. So is designing and knitting an Aran sweater - without telling us! Your generosity is showing, dearie.

Beautiful job designing and knitting!

WOW! It's beautiful. It looks good on both of you! Your knitting is truly inspiring.

That sweater is gorgeous! It looks great on both you and the recipient. Beautiful work!

Oh, man. That is incredible! Great design and I love how the neck looks. Yay!!

Holy shit. That is a BAD ASS sweater. And she looks adorable in it. Great job!

P.S. You only fill it out because you have a nice rack, lady.

Wow. I bow to your knitting-fu as per usual. When I get preggo someday I'm moving to a boat just so you'll knit me a beautiful Rachaelsweater.

Woot indeed! Lucky friend, lucky babies, lucky Daddies.

Beautiful sweater. Beautiful reason for making one.

What a sweetie you are and she looks so comfy, does she need a pair of socks?

oh my...what do i say that hasn't been said already? it's spectacular. i love the details -- thank you for sharing all those pics. the center cable devine, k1tbl is wonderful, the whoreshoe cables are a beautiful touch, and the color is a classic.

i'd say you both are in the generous gift-giving mode!

The sweater is beautiful. And, I just wanted to let you know that your post about bagels prompted me to make some - today! And, I was lucky enough to stumble upon some actual cream cheese here in France. The food gods were a'smilin on me today. Thanks for the craving. Breakfast will be fantastic tomorrow, and all because of you.

Wow - that blows me away! Great, great job! A selfless pregnant woman living on a boat certainly deserves such a gift...

That sweater looks like she should have been BORN in it! Fits her perfectly! Tell that rusty scupper she can sail to Portland and talk boats 24/7 with sailor Peter. Yeah, and why don't you get on with all those handknit sweaters for the rest of us?

Beautiful ! :0)

I like how you fill out that sweater! Rowr.

If there was a pattern for that I would totally knit it. But I wouldn't wish the task of writing that pattern down on anyone.

She looks awesome in your gift.

Man -- you make me think it would be worth getting pregnant and living on a boat, to get a sweater like that!

Yipes! How generous and unselfish of you, and how much more generous and unselfish of her. Gives me a warm feeling all over.

Oh, and Mariko? If she'd been born in it, it would be all ... you know ... messy and bloody and stuff.


You didn't .... um.... write down the pattern as you went along by any chance, did you?

God, I'm in love with that sweater. Best wishes to Joni too.

Gorgeous! You rock on so many levels, my dear.


Give your friend a big loving hug from me, Ok?

Her selflessness is going to make a family.

One of my best and closest friends in the world had something unspeakable happen to her when she was 19 that left her unable to have children. Now, 11 years later someone was able to give her and her husband the gift of a beautiful baby daughter they named Ellie. So I can just feel the joy that those two Daddies are going to have !!

That is SO worth a sweater, nevermind the boat part. (That parts kind of cool, actually)

It's almost worth being pregnant on a boat in winter!

What a lovely, loving thing to do (both of you). I knew that Joni kicked ass when I saw the picture of her beautiful Great Lakes tattoo, but now I know she really kicks ass. And so do you. Beautiful sweater!

That first paragraph had me all weepy (in a "look how selfless and wonderful people can be" way). And then you break out that beautiful sweater....

(dabs at eyes)

Wow! That is a beautiful sweater. I really like the way it looks as great on you as on the recipient. I was really touched to read about what she was doing for those two dads to be - she definitely deserves some beautiful cabley goodness.

That's so great of her! And great of you to support her :)

This REALLY is a great world to be living in . . . but as for Mr. Digit, he's totally showing off his own handsome neck.

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. And you are funny, funny, funny. (And so kind.)

that is just fabulous, all the way around. Joni looks wonderful in it, so cozy.

It is truly gorgeous. The love that was knit into it just shines!

The sweater. You. Joni.
Just. Plain. Awesome.

i kind of feel a little sad that she's giving up her baby. but she is giving it to people who will love the baby, so i guess it's not totally sad.

and that sweater rocks. i love the big cable down the middle. aren't cables fun?

you do good work, go-go, lady. when i'm pregnant on a boat in winter, i'm sure to call in a sweater!

Wow. That's truly beautiful. You've inspired me to pull out the Donegal Tweed from my stash and start swatching. Nice job & thanks!

Just to say, you rock. Of course, as always.

Beautiful sweater and beautiful story!

That is the sweetest story. Big hugs all around. And the sweater? Gorgeous!!

Beautiful acts of kindness abound!
Making this world a better place stitches/burgeoning fetal cells at a time. ;)

Wow, what a wonderful sweater and a great story behind it!

I'd definitely go through another pregnancy for a sweater like that but the boat part would be a deal breaker for me. Hee! I'm a terrible sailor!

I definitely feel some cable knitting coming on after seeing all those lovely pics!

You have a good heart and a lot of talent.

Beautiful! Brava!!!

(Lucy said to say "meow" to Digit.)

Ohh, you are too super nice. If I had to move to an earthquake-prone area of California, I'd move near you!

What a wonderful and touching story. I am in awe of your generosity and skillz.

I am in awe. Your design is stunning (I am a relatively new knitter, no cables yet for me!) It is an honor to be amongst such loving, non-judgemental knitters. The dads are blessed.
I almost considered getting pregnant and living on a boat just so you could knit me one. Then reality set in! Wonderful job!

What a lovely gift from the heart. It's especially touching as it's going to someone who is, IMHO, granting the most generous gift there is, a baby. Even when you know it's the right thing to do, I can't imagine that it's easy to let go of a child. Thankfully, there's lots of joy here too!

That is truly a selfless thing that Joni is doing, since she realizes she can't take care of her child right now. I think it's wonderful that she is giving her child to a home that is happy and eager to receive the baby. Wonderful. And so sweet of you to make her a sweater. It's really beautiful and looks great on both of you.

what a wonderful thing to do for a friend. the sweater looks fabulous on her. and it is nice to hear that there are unselfish moments in this world.

Goegeous...there is so much talent in you...is it never ending? I can't think of anything else to say that hasn't been said but I had to add my congratulations on your beautiful sweater...inspiring!

What a gorgeous sweater ... I want one, too!

Awwwwwwwww you are so sweet!

Best wishes to mommy and of course the daddies!

My dear, what a triumph! And what a brave, young woman.

Great job on the sweater! It looks fabulous on both of you! How lucky Joni is to have a good friend in you! Oh, and that comment by Sarah G - my dad is gay but NEVER in a million years would I consider my life easier for him not having been actively in my life growing up. Life can be challenging regardless of whether or not your parents are gay. Nobody's parents are "normal" - we all have dysfunctions. I'm glad that Joni is choosing a family that she knows this child will be loved in. That is all there needs to be!

it's beautiful. almost worth getting pregnant over! got any prospects for me!

Both of you are rockin' that sweater, and the design is delightful. The show was fun, too.

Beautiful sweater! It looks gorgeous on both gals.


Oh. My. GOD.


You are the cable QUEEN, m'dear. It's simply stunning. Stunning stunning stunning. Full o' cabley goodness.

I would never want to be pregnant on a boat, though. Nope.

What a beautiful sweater! And what a beautiful person you are for thinking of her ... and she too is equally beautiful for giving such a great gift to those daddies. :)

Holy moley - that is the bestest present ever. Seriously, ever. Wow!

It is very beautiful. I am very inspired by you. You can make a sweater that is totally well fitted on different body types. Wow. Not that I didn't know already, but I can see why your girl loves you so much.

do you know how much you freaking ROCK?? *faint*

and, btw, I think that very red photo pf La on the slide guitar would make an excellent cover/inside image to a cd. Just so ya know, it is now my background on my home puter.

You are so awesome!

Whatta story. Whatta sweater.

Karmically, you're pretty well set I reckon.

You sly minx not telling you were knitting it--not one stitch! xox Kay

Beautiful, beautiful sweater, you lovely thing, you.

(If I ever find myself pregnant on a boat in winter, forget the sweater -- SEND HELP!)

it looks LOVELY on you!!
you are superwoman

Until we can find a way to give women like your friend a national medal of honor, your beautiful sweater will have to do.
a happily adopted, well functioning woman, who would like to meet her birth mom, just to say "thank you"

Oh, sweet, what a beautiful gift. You're such an amazing girl. I *heart* that you love your friends that way.

Well done! And I totally get why you did not care to blog the details. It's always nice to keep some knit secrets to yourself. :)

Wow. Beautiful sweater, lovely story... what a great friend you are :-)

You wear that raglan well,my dear.

GORGEOUS!!!!! I love the sweater, and I love why you made it all the more. :)

And about the bagels... I had to laugh. Here I am in Bagel Central (New Jersey - ie NYC's suburb) and all I want and can't find are decent grits and sweet tea.

Beautiful sweater for ... and by ... generous-hearted women. What a cool story to warm the heart!

That is an amazing gift - i am also a sailor and find wearing a special sweater is so much more comforting than anything.

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