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The DreamSeptember 21, 2005

There's this house that Lala and I pass when we're out in my neighborhood walking little dogs. Every time we've walked by it, we've looked and lusted. It's a little piece of the country, set right there in Oakland. It's perfect for us. Trust me on this. I won't say more, lest I jinx it, but it's perfect in its dilapidation.

Last week I saw online that it was up for sale. On Sunday we went to the open house on a wild fling. On Monday we started to write the offer. On Tuesday we presented the offer. Tuesday night, they countered (turns out that even when we thought we were recklessly overbidding, we had bid WAY lower than anyone else, but they liked our heartfelt cover letter). Today, Wednesday, we'll accept the counter (they received fifteen offers and countered three of us) and then we'll bite our nails and jump in very small circles and be unable to sleep.

The chances are so very, very, very slim that they'll accept us, and IF they do, that we'll secure the funding (we weren't even in the market yet! We have no money! I haven't sold the condo!), but we're trying. If we don't get it, we're no worse off than we are now, which is nice, indeed. If we do, it's our dream ramshackle-shack. I just thought it wouldn't hurt to get all my knitter-peeps crossing their DPNs in our general direction.


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I will be thinking of you and Lala...won't say any more....no jinx here.

Fingers, toes, legs, needles, all crossed for you guys!

Wow, so exciting!!!!!! I will be sure to do the house buying dance of good luck and fortune for you! Plus I will be crossing everything, fingers, toes, eyes, etc.

BTW, thanks for your help with Kepler. I actually started it and poster some very blurry pics of the sleeve bands on my site!

Well I'll keep my fingers and needles crossed for you. There are some really lovely houses in Oakland. We lived in Silicon Valley for four years and really loved it.
Best wishes from Germany

Oh, how exciting! Good luck, guys.

Everything's crossed. Good luck!

Oh. My. God. That. Is. Too. Exciting! Just like out of a movie, that. I've got everything imaginable crossed (and I'll braid my hair today, too) so that you can have the movie screen ending.

i'm praying to all my muses -- oh please oh please oh please...i've known people whose offers haven't been the highest but their heartfelt desire for someone else's beloved home landed them the deal...

Will be thinking of you two, good luck!

Oh! Oh! Oh!!!

All digits are appropriately crossed here in Athens. Thinking of you both!

Everything is crossed and prayers being sent for you two!

DPNs crossed! Best of luck!

(Lucy has her eyes crossed too.)

Oh, dearie me!! The excitement!! I really, really hope this works out.

Oh mine are crossed! Mine are crossed!

I hope you get it, Good Luck!

Good new house karma to you both.

everything crossed for good luck - you guys are getting a LOT of good wishes coming your way, so hopefully that'll count for something!


Fingers crossed! I love it that you even put in the offer. And I'll love it more if you get the place. :)

Oh wow. I have huge faith in coincidences like that. So, good luck, we're all wishing our knitty little asses off for you. It has to be, right? Right...

You know that dpn crossing works. It has before. Keeping mine crossed for you. Sending much love!

DPN's and Circs crossed for you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my, that's so exciting! I'm hoping and wishing as hard as I can for you two!

soooo exciting! Good luck. my dpns are all crossed and pointed west...

Commencing to twist myself into pretzel shape...

Good luck, good luck, good luck. Jacob and I are bidding on a house right now as well - after being way overbid on the house we *loved*. We can suffer together :-)

Ya know, when Lala said something about being the "musical one in the family" (YOUR family) I was sorta' wondering when this would happen. Not all in a knowitall fashion, just in an intriqued and interested and crossing my fingers for luck for you two fashion. Ya know?

Have you tried burying the statue of St.Whomever, upside down, in the condo's lawn? That's for house selling. If you're interested I'll look into which Saint it was. (Hey, you spin, you knit, you're obviously into rituals for the Good of All...so why not try it? ;-)

I'm so way jealous - but crossing ALL my DPNs for you anyway in earnest hopes for your new house together! (I'll even ply some of my singles today for a little extra oomph!)

Best of luck, everything possible crossed, may my parents' ramshackle house karma transfer to you!

May the housing gods (and what the hell, I'll throw in the parking god, Steve, too) smile upon you.

Ooh . . . good luck!!

I've got my fingers, toes (and eyes crossed) to bring you luck. To be extra sure, I'm going to make an offering to E. Zimmerman and all other knitting goddesses (and gods), once I figure out how best to curry their favor! How exciting.

Oh oh oh! Crossing everything, and waiting to hear!

oh, honey, you know I'm sending good vibes to you both on this.
much luck, chica!

The Equinox, such a good day to discover the balance of a dream and hold it in ones heart and action it in ones life. No crossing fingers or knitting implements here just knowing that all will be well and all will be well no matter if this is THE house for you two to transform into your home or not. The intent has been sent and the gift will come back. Knowing you two are ready and willing to recieve the joy and responsibility just means all will be well and all will be well:0) Much love

Consider the DPN's crossed! That's very exciting, I hope it works out!

Sending you good house mojo, if it's ment to be you will get it.

crossing all crossing-possible things for you!!

Crossing fingers wildly! Good luck!!

Not for nothing, but the fellah and I had a similar experience and we got the house. I hope they realize how much you'll love it. Good luck.

Oh, good luck! I'm pulling for you!

DPN's crossed, and anything else I can find! Hey, if you need a good mortgage guy... ;) or someone to run phone lines...

found you through wang-dang-doodle (nakachi)....just wanted to say that you rock....what a spirit ..... to reach for things and dream of things, in spite of what appears to be. if only more people reached out and tried, in simple little ways like this, what a world we'd have. trying never hurts a thing....it's sitting back and convincing yourself of "what will never be" that really kills the soul.

sending you metta prayers of kindness,

You have good luck, remember the condo! I'll keep you in my thoughts girly!

Wow - I started reading your blog right when you were buying the condo - I feel like I'm watching you climb your own little property ladder! Fingers crossed in the Big Apple, and best of luck to you & Lala!

Sending good thoughts your way! Everythings crossed...including the legs! heh

Needles crossed - you go, girls!

Do the other's bidding on the house have ALL these good people and best wishes behind THEM?? Me thinks,NO WAY BABY!! Good Luck Ladies! If I had long hair I'd braid it for you Too!!! Mwah

Good luck.
(Pick Rachael and LaLa. Pick Rachael and LaLa. Pick Rachael and LaLa. Pick Rachael and LaLa.) (

good luck girls!

I am knitting on circular but the points are crossed most of the time, and then I'll cross my fingers and hold a thumb (holding thumbs is the Swedish way)! Soooo exiting! And check out my sleeve by the way...

OOOaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm -

lotus position is very crossed and vibe-y -

I think you have a good Karma bank built up. I will send out my cosmic good thoughts to you.

Crossing fingers, toes and needles over here for you guys!! Good Luck!!

Happy to be hoping for you! Sometimes things just work out... and no matter what, you still have a roof over your head and claw feet under your tub.

Like you said, you've got nothing to lose except the chane to try. :) Good luck--I'll pick up the needles and cross 'em for you in a bit.

So glad to have something positive like this to hope for today! (I've got family in Texas and Mississippi, worriedly watching Hurricane Rita approaching.) Will keep my DPNs crossed for you!

Got fingers and toes crossed for you!!!!

Dreams do come true...

Best of luck! My brother and sister-in-law buried St. Joseph upside down in their yard when trying to sell their house. It sold 2 weeks later. Her cousin did too and sold within 2 weeks. Hey, you never know!

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck on the dream shack. Regardless, though, how exciting that you two are taking this leap together. Enjoy the ride!!!


Me and my three cats have everything crossed ('course, that could be because the litter needs changing) - good luck!!!

Oh oh oh! So exciting! All digits and needles are crossed for you two...

I've got everything crossed as well. Hope it works!


Won't jinx it, but I do know sometimes odd things happen (such as Bear's Retreat).

Much love to you both.

All is crossed. Shhh. 'Nuff said.

Everybody keeps saying that you should bury a saint statue in the back yard...but if Lala is Buddhist, maybe you two could, you know, chant upsidedown.

Ya think?

Good luck, and good wishes, whatever happens :-)

Oh, fingers crossed! Good luck!

I've got, scissors, crochet hooks, knitting needles, legs, arms fingers and toes crossed for you! Good luck!

Aw, I love your story. My DPNs are crossed. Good luck!!!

Consider mine crossed...

x x x x x

got them crossed way over here!

much good juju to you-you. :^p

much good juju to you-you. :^p

I am crossing all my fingers and toes in your general direction :)

oh, shit! a house?! word?! AWW YEAH!

best wishes to you both! i'm down with daisy-winifred - all WILL be well. and i can't wait to watch it unfold!

If you're meant to live there you'll get it. If you don't get it there will be another just as lovely, in time. Good luck!

If you're meant to live there you'll get it. If you don't get it there will be another one, just as lovely, at the right time. Good luck!

Everything will be crossed for you. My husband will be disappointed, my typing will suffer and my knitting will suck, but for you two, it's worth it.


Wow, crossing crossing crossing!!

Hell yeah, put on your safety googles kiddos 'cuz crossed dpns and positive energy, wishes hopes and dreams are flying ever' whichaway!

Wishing you lots of luck on the house. :)

So last night I had this horrible dream that I was in a realtor's office filling out forms to purchase a house, and Morgan Freeman was there as my loan-getting buddy, and the realtor was this cute boy who was trying to flirt with me but kept getting interrupted by his pregnant fiance? Yeah, I think I know where this came from now. :P

Keep your chin up, girlie! We looked for a house for over a year....four house deals fell through, and I was heartbroken every time. Last month we moved into the PERFECT place for us. Thank God!! we didn't take the others. Yours is out there waiting on you, I just know it! :0) Great blog!

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