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Total Time WasterSeptember 14, 2005

I am Google hit number two for that phrase. My work is done.


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And those of us in the 'top five' category of readers -- and do I even want to know how you know that -- are very proud of you. xo

congratulations....I think.

Um...you rock?

By the way, you're the number one hit now.

Too funny! (I scored 53.5 w/the help of my hub.)


Damn! And I thought I rocked for being Google hit #3 for "obnoxious coworker."

I think you should strive for number one, you underachiever, you.

so, like....some of us are waiting for the review (with photos) of the little black dress. So many people have said they've ordered it that I'm waiting for a fashion show where we all post our pics in our LBDs on the same day. Mine made its debut last Saturday at a wedding. Let's just say it was a hit.

This is a total time waster. (helping your stats, hee)

ROFL! And it's true. Totally. :)

*big laugh* And I waste time waiting for my bus reading you... ;)

:) You sure are! But what a fun time waster you are!

A total time waster? I'm so jealous!


I figure it's connected somehow to "cat urine on knitting yarn."

Total Time Waster.

honestly. #2? is that the best you can do? :) hee hee.

My boss would totally concur.

Now that's what I call a dowry!

Yeah, but even better is that if you put that all in quotes, you're number 1! How's about them apples?

Like totally! :)

You've given us all something to strive for. *cue Pomp and Circumstance* Yes, little knitting needle toting girls and boys the world over will be saying to their parents, "When I grow up, I want to be a total time waster like the Yarn-a-Go-Go lady." And their parents, with tears in their eyes and their chests swelling with pride will know that they could not have asked for their children to want anything more... da da dah da deee dahhhh dahhhhhh... *sniff* Oh, I made myself cry...

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