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WowSeptember 8, 2005

I know you've seen it here by now, but DAMN, knitters rock.
At the time of this post, they've donated to the Red Cross:


That's dollars! Holy crap! That's straight out of our yarn-purse, isn't it? That's more than sixty-five thousand dollars that would have been spent on fiber, I'm sure of it.

I'm so proud of us.


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Knitters rock! I am so happy to be part of this! With all the depressing news, seeing something positive makes such a huge difference!

Oh yeah, that was my yarn "allowance." It was worth it, even though I've been having slight withdrawal symptoms. It's so great to see people come together!!

Note: I think they've changed to wording slightly, so it's not just the Red Cross, but most Katrina-related charities (my $ was split between the Salvation Army & Noah's Wish). All in all, very very good. I'm proud of us all!

Well, not all of it came from yarnaholics. $360.40 was money I collected at my husband's band concert the other night. I sent it to the Red Cross in the name of knitbloggers, though, so it counts.

very cool indeed huh! think of all the koigu that could have bought, but it will help people who live in places too warm to wear koigu anyway... ;-)

Ours came out of the hot tub fund. Of all the things going wrong in my life right now, they're all petty. I keep trying to remember that.

Right before Katrina hit, I was explaining how knitters pull together for things like Oliver's fund and the MSF stuff and how utterly awesome the knit blogging and knit blog reading community is, and damned if they didn't out do themselves with this! Way to go knitters! *applauds*

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