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A Good Friend KnowsOctober 24, 2005

I ran into my lovely, loving, beautiful friend Trish at the mall the other day. Heaven help me when I go to the mall. Hate the mall. It was only the outdoor outlet kind of place, but it's still the mall. Erg. Tried on approximately one thousand seventy-two pairs of pants that made my butt look flat, my hips square, and my legs short as a dachshund's (sorry, Harriet). So it was a vast relief to run into someone there, and even better, it was one of the few people on that frustrating day that I would WANT to run into.

I mentioned to Trish the stale smell in my house, and I sniffed a bunch of candles and air fragrance thingies at Bath and Body Works. Then I promptly became overwhelmed by all the choices and settled in for a chat with her, leaving the store empty-handed.

She tracked me down at Old Navy, and handed over a bag. It's the one I liked the best, Tuberose.


There's the BEST gardenia hint to it. It's just perfect. I'm happy.


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I know what you mean about the malls - worked too many days at a few in the Bay Area. They're a sub-culture in its own. Very kind & astute friend there!

I love gardenia for house fragrances, too. It's the best! Glad a frustrating day could be turned around by a friend.

Good friend, good scents... and good idea to get rid of the lingering food smells in my 2-sq-ft kitchen. Tuberose, here I come!

I think I like this Trish.

I have like, 10, of those candles in my house. Love. Those. Candles.

Good for Trish, knowing what Rachael needs. And, darlin', sorry about the way the pants fit. You are one of the curviest, prettiest gals I know.

Ahhh, Trish rocks! And hey, perhaps you should switch to some flirty little skirts! I have pant issues myself.

Oh, don't even get me started about pants. But that is a LOVELY gesture from your friend!

I hate malls too ... I can never find what I'm looking for, and if I ever do find it it's always at the opposite end of the mall that I started in which means that I've had to walk through miles and miles of people.

Your friend Trish sounds awesome! :)

How sweet! My girlfriend loves loves loves those candles.

(My friend Ali said I should check out your blog and I'm impressed - especially with that beautiful sweater a few entries back.)

Here in New Jersey, it has long been established that malls are Hellmouths, each and every stinkin' last one of 'em.

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