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Also, Oakland BootyOctober 21, 2005

Oh, I was just in SUCH a bad mood after dealing with getting groceries and a tire rotation and, on a separate stop, an oil change (which was staffed with boys who did NOT pick up on the my signals - I needed to say "SHUT UP! I'm NOT INTERESTED!" but I didn't, so it's my own fault), and then the bad mood was worsened by fighting my way up East 14th home, only to remember that after all those errands I had left my laundry back in Alameda and having to turn around and go out again.

Then I got home to THIS. Oh, yeah. I feel better now.

Also: To whomever sent me the free sample of Schick Intuition, dude. Although I have been too busy to shave this week, and I've been conscious of it (although I've worn pants all week), it was kind of a shock to receive it. Like the universe knew and didn't approve. But I've been wanting to try it, so thanks!

**And added a minute later: OH, MY GOD. God bless Lala. THIS is even better. I'm crying here, I'm laughing so hard. As she said, more people should drive while talking on cell phones.


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Oh, wow. Thanks for sharing that lovely version of Baby Got Back. I don't think I've come across anything quite so disturbing in a long while.

That guy's laugh sounds painful. Yikes.
I like the redneck play-by-play "she's tomahawking him, she looks like a Sunbelt 20 horsepower jackhammer, BAM BAM BAM..."

Man, and we've ALL left our laundry in Alameda at one time or 'nother. It's the ghost of the Navy still haunting it, it's a panty-eating vortex.

Sorry you were having such an icky day, but I'm glad you're feeling better after the voicemail. I know I'm over here giggling like crazy.

THAT was funny :) I can't believe he stayed on the phone that long, who was he talking to, his, uhmm mom?!?

That's the funniest thing since the "My Gay Boyfriend" vid clip. I, of course, immediately emailed the links to my 2 college age daughters so they can enjoy it and amaze their friends ("Your MOM sent you this?!"), especially since I had to endure the LOUD rap version of BabyGotBack emanating from their rooms and live versions performed by their friends in my kitchen throughout the HS years!! Thanks Rach and Lala!

Thank you for the much needed laugh...although it was a little odd actually understanding all the words to "Baby Got Back." My husband was hysterical and had to put it right on his iPod so he could share the joy with others.

i will be listening to nothing else tonight. it's all about baby got back. ;)

I just laughed myself silly. Thanks.

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