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BargainingOctober 29, 2005

If I pick up and put away all the laundry, and if I sweep the house and de-fur the couch and bedroom chair, then I get to come back to the computer and hit the button at the top of Bloglines (where it shows how many feeds you have) and read all 1194 unread posts by you all. Yes, I will skim, and no, I probably won't leave comments (what else is new? I can barely catch up with email right now). But at least I'll feel more connected to my gang....

Tonight, Halloween party at the sister's house. Dude. I don't like dressing up. Okay, not true. I like dressing up for real, not for Halloween. I know this is wrong, and bad, but Halloween just doesn't do it for me. Whereas sister Bethany, she lives for it. So I at least have to make some sort of effort. Or I should. Hey! I think I'll go as a knitter. Ha! They'll never recognize me!

Cleaning now. Loud music required....


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You can put your hair up in a bun and stick knitting needles through it. That would work.

Lala should go as a knitter, and you can go as a Whoreshoe. Yeehaw!

PS I heard a rumour that they have a CD? Where can I get it??

I don't like dressing up for Halloween, either. In fact, I remember my 6th grade Halloween parade--I refused to wear a costume to school and my teacher told me, "Debbie, if you're not wearing a costume, you're not going to be able to march with all the other children and will have to stand and watch with the mothers." I was THRILLED to get to stand with the grown-ups! (I really think that was supposed to be reverse-psychology that just didn't work on me.) In my opinion, the only good reason to dress up for Halloween as a kid was for the free candy, but since I can now afford to buy my own. . . . I think going as a knitter is brilliant--wear lots of handknits and carry your knitting with you. A perfect excuse to knit at a party without being rude!

I have thought about going as a mad knitter, with actual knitting attached to the needles holding my hair up (the dpns in my hair are normal, after all), and with some of my crazier projects as accessories.

Y'know, I never liked Halloween much, not since I was about six. My workplace very much enjoys the decorating and the dressing up. I think I'm glad I'm out on disability this year. (It doesn't help that my ex-husband's bday is Halloween, either...) Hope you had fun at the party anyway though!

Really want to disguise yourself? Go as a crocheter!

Happy Halloween!

I don't dig dressing up either. We went to a Halloween party on Saturday night and we were the only ones in normal clothes. Even dogs were in costume.

I used to make those kinds of housecleaning bargains with myself, too -- that is, until my husband starting having Saturdays off. He doesn't understand "work a little, play a little, cheep-cheep-cheep, work a little, play a little more".

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