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HSBOctober 2, 2005


Doc Watson, yo. Taken with my cell phone, at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. We're on our way back for the rest of the festival today, and I must I just say: Dolly. Freakin'. Parton. Later today. I'm going to keel over, just thinking about it.

Yesterday, there were sisters with sardonic expressions:


And there were sisters dancing:


And there was me, looking scary-weird:


Sexy, ain't I? More tomorrow or the day after, lovies (tomorrow I start my new job, so I might be overwhelmed and exHOSSted tomorrow)

Happy Sunday!


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Good luck with the new job (and new commute)!

Happy first day on the new job!

(workin' for a livin') MWAH!

I'm just gonna make one comment:
Jealousy is an ugly thing.

Good luck with new job!! You will be fabulous!

And Doc Watson AND Dolly Parton? Why dontcha rub it in?!?! :)

Cannot wait to see and read all about the rest of your weekend! So jealous!

Dude. Doc Watson. DUDE.

And good first-day luck to you.

well wishes for your first day on the job!

Good luck with the new job, girl! We were talking about it this weekend and wondering if you had already started, or whut. Keep your faithful readers posted!

Gotta know - how was Dolly, Queen of the World? We're seing her in two months - can't wait - any set list tips would be most appreciated. Glad you had a good time.

Hi Honey! Looks like you guys had a blast at HSB. Very cool. And I LOVE your sailor sweater; you have such a great heart.
I was just over at Lala's blog and followed her link to the NatEnq report re Bush resuming his drinking career. Perrrrrrfect. Is it just me, or is anyone else just a little bit relieved at the thought that he might actually be FEELING any stress? I mean, he's never been in a stressful situation before, because someone always fixed it for him. Stressed about going to war in VietNam? Don't worry Georgie, we'll fix it for you. Stressed about that pesky Texas Air Nat'l Guard commitment interfering with your plans to party in Alabama and then go to business school? Don't worry Georgie, we'll fix it for you. Partied your way into a DUI at age 30 (which is a little old for a "youthful indiscretion" if you ask me)? Don't worry, Georgie, we'll fix it for you. And now, forced to cut short your annual 6-consecutive-week vacation (in a nation where people average less than ONE week of vacation per year) to do something about a deadly natural disaster, oh my goodness, Georgie!! Who will save you now??!!
Oops. I'm ranting. Sorry about that.
Now back to our regularly scheduled blog. :)
Take care,

Yes sexy spooky. Great combination.

Wait, isn't that the festival I went to with y'all last year? It's been a year since I visited? Sniff.

Hi Rachael, you're so busy posting I can't keep up with my comments! I love the Aran, most definitely, and good luck to Joni and to the two dads! Glad you had a good time at HSB - the lineup looked awesome but I had to help my boy move or I would have dragged him there, kicking & screaming.

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