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October 26, 2005

I am not forgetting the other bloggers! I met Karen (who captured a psychotic pic of me - lets blame ArtFibers's back sale room on that photo) and non-blogger but very talented M.C. this weekend while shopping, and then the lovely Silvia and her equally lovely sister Claudia came to a Whoreshoes show at McNally's in Oakland. Claudia, apparently, shares Karen's talent at capturing the side of me that escapes just before I get out the machete, so let me show you my rockabilly hairstyle taken by ME before you look at the picture she got. I'm not that frikken crazy, swear.


And tonight I got to see Marie, which was fabulous. She and her husband are just the sort you want to hang out with. No, really. I didn't even have to try to be funny or witty, I just let them be those things, and I got to relax. Good people. Of course, it's reached the point in blogland where I just don't think about taking pictures. We all got out our Treos and showed each other pictures of our adorable, wonderful cats (three Treos at one table!), but not one of us snapped a shot. Just as well. I'm sleepy and I'm sure in whatever shot was taken I'd look more psychotic than ever.

I'm a little overwhelmed with all I've been doing, as busy as I've been, and not being home, 26 stories up in the air overlooking the city, but it's true that feeling like a tourist so close to home is nice. There's nothing like the humming quiet of a big hotel, with the elevator whooshing right next to the room. Somehow comforting. (Unless you go underwater in the bathtub, when that whooshing sounds like the rumbling beginnings of The Big One. See how fast YOU pop out of the water.)

One more day of training and then I get to go home. Hooray! I feel like spinning.


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Yay for spinning! I love spinning!

One person's psychotic is another person's cute-as-a-button.


You are such the social butterfly. Glad you got to see the whole gang! Sorry I am missing Marie and Andy, and one of these days I am hoping to meet Claudia!

Cool! It's like a vacation! (minus the work part)

Was lovely to meet up with you too! I couldn't beleive it when I got back to our our hotel and realised that we hadn't taken a picture! I'm very jealous of your Treo 650. have to see if I can get one of those!

Now you have to knit that cute Victorian coat in Vogue, and wear it with that hair-do.

In case you're running out of things to knit.

Whoa, wait a minnit, hold on, WHOA!

There's a back SALE ROOM at ArtFibers?! Oh. Dear. God. I... did not need to know that. (please, someone, hide my credit cards)

And I must say, you are rockin' the pinup girl/rockabilly hair do. Lala has the cutest BandAid evah!

I LOVE your hair!!! You always look so cute, although that serial knitter picture is a tad bit scary, lol.

I caved today and bought an Ashford drop spindle, some fleece and a copy of Spin It. I'm crazy, crazy, crazy and I see a sheep named Bob in my future.

Your. hair. is. hott.

I love your hair like this SO MUCH! For some reason it reminds me of Lily Tomlin -- in an excellent way, of course.

Wait--sale section of ArtFibers--ah well, so long money!

And you look absolutely rockabilly fabulous with your hair like that. So swanky! I wish I could do that!

I love your hair that way. So classic and vintage!

This is the first installment of a multiple comment series because Bloglines let me down.

The retro hair totally suits you. Have you ever seen movies that are set in a bygone era and the actresses don't quite fit because their facial features are too modern somehow? You would fit perfectly in a 1940s cold cream ad.

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