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October 20, 2005

I just came home (slept at Lala's) and I'm home for a few minutes before I dash out to work, but it smells funny in here. Not funny cat-like, thank goodness, but funny like I need to clean the garbage disposal, or like the apples are too old on the counter.

I've had NO time to clean, NO time to blog or read blogs. This weekend promises to be short, also, since I've got plans for almost every minute of it. (The Whoreshoes playing in Oakland on Saturday! Come see!)

But the cats remain obnoxious, and isn't that the most important thing? I've fed them, so my job is done here. They hate their new prescription food, so it sits on the floor until they're almost dead with hunger. Then they eat and glare at me. They've both lost weight, and that wasn't actually the plan. It makes them more obnoxious as night, though -- they know I'm at my weakest and will get up and give them the equivalent of Pop-Tarts in the middle of the night, just to shut them up.

Bath full! Must run!

(I haven't even had time to see the last twenty minutes of the Amazing Race, and that's just a sad state of affairs. Okay, bath REALLY full.)


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Ha! The fact that my cats are getting chubbier because I can't stand to listen to them whine is the NUMBER ONE reason why I shouldn't have actual children. I understand your "weakness." And hope you didn't flood the bath.

I hear you about the short weekend...mine is slowly but surely filling up...unfortunately seeing the Whoreshoes won't be a part of it. I'm sad!!! Have a great one!

"Something smells funny in here" is what I say almost every day.

Cleaning, scheaning.

Hope the pace calms down soon.

My cats hate the prescription food too... I was worried they were starving, but then I discovered Orville had figuired out how to open the cabinet where the cat food (and the dangerous cleaning chemicals) are stored and was helping himself.

Damn. I never did get to see the Whoreshoes perform. Sometime I will have to plan a visit to the Bay Area around the band's schedule.

I'm so relieved I'm not the only one whose home sometimes smells funny. Whenever it happens, I wonder "how long has it smelled like this, and I didn't notice?"

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