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Jello SFOctober 25, 2005

Thought you might enjoy seeing my fantastic view of the city. 

Aren't people amazingly and awesomely weird? Love it.
(PS - Almost all my cool links are courtesy of Lala. It's rather predictable that way.)


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I want to live in such a tasty city. Or at least be there for an earthquake to experience The Big Jiggle!


Did you also see the page where they've got a movie of the whole thing wobbling around?


That one cracked me up, just thinking about it shaking, like it's an earthquake, except it's *Jello*, but then that's kind of what happens to the ground in a serious earthquake, except this is JELLO...it also hurt my brain a little.

Clearly I need to have more going on in my life, so I don't spend as much time thinking about these things. ;)

Or, maybe I'll make it shorter so it won't get lost in the frames:


That's so cool! How do people think of these things? Creativity man, love it!

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