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Jon!October 25, 2005

Jon's just the cutest thing, just like I knew he would be.


Look at him! How adorable is he? We had the best time, and we shopped for yarn (lots of yarn, sigh), and other things. It's not every day you wander the City with a guy, looking for yarn, and ending up taking home dirty pillowcases. And I don't mean they were pre-used. They're just made that way. And no, I won't show you. Come to the Castro, and I'll show you want I mean. Heh. See, now THAT'S fun shopping.

Then we drank beer and watched the people go by. We assessed walks, outfits, and dog choices. Now look at this little girl:


Jon blamed her outfit on Kaffe Fassett, and that just goes to show you what he's like. Don'tcha think?

Now, no more. I'm in a hotel in San Francisco on a training week (they're putting me up! Sixteen miles from home! I love it), but the internet access is spotty, so if I'm slow in emailing, forgive me.



hello, Venice, Italy travelleing queen!

I'm going to Venice tomorrow...and I'm sure you are asked this ALL the time...but...can you recommend any yarn stores there?


Well, it's an action shot I know, but I think I would blame that girl's outfit more on Mary Kate Olsen.

You have a hotel room in the city all week??? Party at Rachael's!! Woohoo! =)
Enjoy the mini working vacation. No doubt Adah and Digit are tearin' it up back at the ranch. I hope you left them a good catnip supply. Things could get ugly. (Even though I'm guessing you'll be home once or twice during the week..)
Have a swell time, getting edumacated in SF. Oh, and LOVED you on the fire truck! =)

Ummm, so I wrote the above comment a few minutes ago, then checked out Lala's blog. Turns out she has used "edumacation" and "swell" in her blog today. Both fantastic words. (Note that I used them both in one sentence in the above comment.) So, the Lala and I must have a psychic vocab-connection. It wasn't word plagerism, I swear!! So there you go. I wanted to clear my (questionable) name, before I get sued. (Though I bet two words isn't grounds for lawsuit, I want Elvis in my good graces.) Heehee. anyway, I'll cease the rambling comments, at least for the time being. Muah.

A likely story. I'll be seeing you in court, missy.

Kaffe Fassett and the Olson twins - or just a color-blind mom who's taking out on her own daughter all the bad clothing choices her mother put her through!

It was great to see that picture of you and Jon I wondered what he looked liked. I check his blog daily too. I bet it was a great time you guys had together.

It was the BEST time. You are, perhaps, the most fabulous woman out there and I can't wait to hang out and drink beer and, um, go "shopping" with you again! Sorry to take so long to comment; it's seriously been that long since I've had a spare moment to sit at the computer.

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