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MoviesOctober 17, 2005

What everyone will be watching! Two must-see trailers. THIS one might be a little scary for me, but THIS lighthearted chick-flick is going to be great! Oh, I just can't wait. (Thanks to the banjo-girl for this.)

So tired. Assorted animals, mostly Adah, kept me up all night. And this working 5 days a week at the crack of dawn, nay, EARLIER than that, is for the birds. Will be so glad when the in-house training is over. I can do anything if it's just three or four days a week. You know? Yawn.

I spun a little and knitted a little yesterday. That was nice. Oh, and Anthony Bourdain is my new boyfriend. HOT. Who cares about the food? Just wanna watch him smoke.


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Anthony Bourdain! He is a hottie. I'm starting to worry about the trend of hot smokers/ex-herion addicts: Anthony Bourdain, Dave Navarro...That's all I can think of, but I know there are more.

Nothing to do with today's post, but I just noticed your Lucy Maud link in the sidebar. I think I have all of her books and have been reading and rereading them since I was about 10. Love her!

Hoo, those trailers are funny.

Hey, I saw Anthony Bourdain on 9th Avenue last night! He totally saw me recognize him, too - embarrassing! And yeah - kind of hot in a very, very wrong way.

Hmm...I think you got your links mixed up? Cause according to that, West Side Story is scary, and the Shining is a lighthearted chick flick. While I agree with that, I'm not sure that's what you meant to say, lol.

Um, ok. So you gotta post or warning or something for those of us who haven't had our coffee yet. I was sitting there thinking, "Ok it's been YEARS since I've seen The Shining but I really don't remember it that way". Eventually, I got it. But I thought I was going nuts there for a sec. Heh, great links though! ;)

I don't get the movie links? Are they right?

Anthony Bourdain is so my boyfriend already. I even based a character in Sonofabitch Stew on him. Read Kitchen Confidential and then you'll really be into that whole sex/drugs/rock and roll/cooking thing. Plus the guy actually kicks ass as a writer. There is also another book he wrote about traveling and eating which is great too. My character was Pirate Chef and I played him. Can send you guys a clip (gotta put it into quick time if I can).

Congrats on everything Rachel. New job and all. I have a new job too. Like you - very much like the old job, but much more $$ and also more responsibility.

Maybe I'll get out there and visit you two some time before martial law is declared. . .I definately want to make it out for the wedding.

Give that ex of mine a smooch and keep one for yourself.


those links gave me my first true laughs of the day. thanks, rachael. xo

The mister and I are hooked on Anthony Bourdain's show "No Reservations." We can't get enough.

Love me some Anthony. After waiting tables for many, many moons, I was skeptical when I first started "kitchen confidential", but soon learned to love love love him. I loved him even more after watching his tv show where he went 'round the world eating, smoking, and drinking. A real dude, a real traveller, and not just another snooty drunk chef. . . what's not to love? Don't know if I'd let him smoke in the yarn stash though. . . (could this be the equivalent of letting someone eat crackers in bed?)

Hang in there sweetie. It'll all be worth it. Heck, you might even become a bonafide early riser. naw. Doesn't work for me either.

The Shining trailer was great. But I think I would've enjoyed it more if I wasn't sitting there thinking how young Jack looks and how young I probably looked when I saw that movie back in 1979 or whenever it was and how old Jack is now and therefore....well, I'd say more but my midlife, abdominal muffin top is throwing down with the waistband in my jeans, and the jeans are losing.

Sorry for the ramble. It seems I do that alot over here.

Oh yeah, Cheddar and Bella both had us up in the middle of the night too. Must be the full moon.

There are two more of those brilliant trailers - take a look:

Video editors have all the fun, don't they?

For even more Anthony Bourdain, Audible.com has Kitchen Confidential, unabridged, read by the man himself! I listen to it a least once a month to remind myself why I stay in the crazy food biz.

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