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New MathOctober 5, 2005

I'm loving the new job. I'm in dayshift in-house training for the first two weeks, then I go to San Francisco for a training there, and then I go back to midnight shifts for a couple of months of training (I won't be online much for a long while - I'll be reading them from home, but not leaving many comments. Forgive me?).

It'll be nice to have the three or four days off a week (alternate weeks), but I have to say I'm enjoying this whole 8 hours a day thing. I did some new fancy math (are you ready? Got your calculator?) and worked out this astounding figure:

If you work eight hours a day, instead of twelve, you have FOUR MORE HOURS a day to play with. Isn't that WILD? Can you believe it?

I know, it boggled my brain, too. After working twelves for so long, I thought that they were just a normal day, and really, they are. When you're working twelve or more hours, it doesn't really feel like that much more than any normal shift. It's just your day. You're at work. You get to go home whenever you're able to, when the relief arrives.

But when you go home after eight hours, you can still go out to coffee with your girlfriend and her cute little dogs, and then go home and make dinner, and then watch an hour of TV, and then take a bath, and then go to bed in time for an eight-hour sleep (which was sorely needed, as I haven't been sleeping much, but there was MAJOR police action out in front of my house last night, so I didn't sleep that much anyway. You know how I live within stone's throw of the freeway? The police action led to people being stupid on the freeway, and I kept hearing the same thing, at half-hour intervals -- SCREEEECH, [metallic] thunka-chooooosh. Tinkle, tinkle. And then later, SCREEEEECH, [metallic] thunk-choooosh. Tinkle, tinkle. Hard to sleep through that. All lived, thank goodness.)

Also: Five days is one whole day more than four. (What would you do without me to help you like this?)  So while I'm liking this eight-hour thing, it'll be nice to go back to longer weekends.

But tonight, I'm glad I'm home.


I was just thinking this afternoon that I need to ask how your new job is going. Thanks for the update and the math help with all that... I'm looking forward to seeing how you spend your newly aquired four hours per day! :)

Yup, I've been wondering about the new job, too. And about that online stuff, I can't blog that much these days either, so do it when you can and don't worry about us. We'll still be here.

Yea!!!!!! I'm so glad you like it.

I am so with you on the highway thing. I live ON the biggest and busiest highway in Toronto. When it really sucks is when there is an accident, and the emerg services are trying to get through the traffic, so you here the sirens doing their "Whoop-whoop!" thing. At 3am. Guh.

Glad to hear that the new job is going well!

hmmmm - i like your math. it's MUCH nicer than my math, when i try to fool myself into thinking that if I go to bed at 11ish (ok, more like 1145 because the gilmore girls dvd arrived and i had to watch just one more episode) and wake up at 6, really, that's totally "around" 8 hours. my body SO isn't buying it. :)

glad the new job is working out so far!

Hurray for new jobs that make it possible to have an actual life! Glad things are going so well. Now I just have to figure out some new math to find a few extra hours for myself....

i think you and all of your math whiz skill should stop on by the yarn harlot's home and give her a hand. . .
congrats on the new job! 8 hour days are nice. I experienced similar glee when I first started working 9 (okay 9:30) to 5 after working nights waiting tables for eons. Now I whine about my day job. . . ;)

So glad to know you're enjoying your job. I'd love to have longer weekends myself, but 8 hours is not too bad. I think a good compromise of 10 hours and 3-day weekends would be ideal all around!

Hey look! An article on knitters who blog!


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