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Slumber Party! October 10, 2005

There is nothing funnier, when attending a slumber party, than dressing up the attendants in the chihuahua's cowboy hat.

See, Miss Idaho got a new hat:


But it looks good on Jodi, too:


Kris looks surprised:


But she shouldn't be surprised, because it really IS flattering on everyone:


Supa-R-LuvVa knows it.

So does Lala:


Even I know it, too:


But even though everyone can get behind (or under) it,


Even Blaze knows that it's really Miss Idaho's hat:


Now just shamelessly dog-blogging:


    Where's that barkeep?

    Hope my horse is still okay outside.

    The wind can sound lonely on the range.

    Barkeep! Make it a double!

    Four more pictures and I'm free. I need a raise.


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Oh, what sexy friends you have! =)
I've decided that anytime I attend a party in the future, I'll bring a chihuahua sized hat. Fun for the whole family. Oh, and I'll never go anywhere without at least one Rach(a)el ever, ever again. Rach(a)els are the bomb. Soo much fun!

Hilarious... but good grief! They make chihuahua size cowboy hats? Where do you buy a thing like that?

Miss Idaho said barkeep. Snerk. (Bark-keep? Get it?)

Okay, I've just been hit with comment spam above and beyond the call of comment spam duty - please forgive the new moderation and subsequent delay, but we'll see how it goes.....

Now my wee noggin wants a wee hat! And I also want a barkeep! Where's my barkeep?!?!

OHHH- now you have to photoshop kitty and doggie together, having a nice cold one. Miss Annie has a garden hat, but no cowboy hat. Must go shop online.

I have never seen a dog look so SO perfect in a hat. And the comments she makes! She really gets into the character, doesn't she. Love to see her in a pirate bandanna.

Just an FYI, they also make chihuahua sized sombreros, in crushed velvet no less!

Thanks for the laughs, those pics were hilarious!

omg.. how much fun does that look like ?

i will have to try a little hat at my next party!

My fave? The "make it a double" pic. I'm sure soon after that the barkeep cut her off.

I LOVE Miss Idaho!

How cute. I have a Chihuahua magnet on my fridge. My mom bought it for me when that whole Taco Bell craze started. Then, my ex had a chihuahua - then, I see YOUR little darlin'. I guess chihuahuas rule.

OMG. The lonely picture of Miss Idaho just totally made my morning. I just want to put her in my pocket!

Sounds like a fun party!!

Oh my, if that isn't a gigantic advertisement for one's own Little Dog in a Hat I don't know what is. Now I want one!!! Adorable.

I want one too!

If you haven't alreadt, you and Miss Idaho should go visit Minou (http://minoupitou.blogspot.com/). Chihauhuas associated with knitters should stick together. She's as funny as hell, and she's got a great wardrobe -- see the link on the sidebar to her couture collection!

Silly girl(s).
Silly, *silly* girl(s).

That is SO adorable. It was great getting to meet the doggies in person.

omg, I MUST have a little dog like that now.

I thought I was going to get me a big dog (yes I already have four cats, shut up, this is NORMAL) but yes, little dogs are in my future ...

Do they all come with hats?

That is just the cutest thing!

that's adorable. I wish I could get my dog to wear clothes, but she just gets depressed and won't move when I do.

SO cute. Especially love the one of Lala and her cowdog :)

Honest to god, I'm going to a party Friday night with a Western theme. Does Miss Idaho know how to work the postal system? I need her to send that hat, pronto!

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