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The PostOctober 18, 2005

I just got this in the mail, and came right to the computer screen to copy it, so you can read it. Oh, oh!

The envelope is addressed to Rachael and Partner, at my address.

Inside is a sweet card decorated with hydrangeas (the embossed old-fashioned fancy kind of card), written in an older person's hand. It reads:

Dear Girls,
Myself and my family want to thank you from our hearts that you loved our house as much as we did. Your thoughts and your letters made us happy and sad that it didn't work out. We just want you to know what a wonderful feeling it was to our family that someone loved it almost as much as we all do. Good luck in all you do.
- Little Red House and the Family That Lived There.

It's from the owners of the house! The house that we thought was for us because we DID love it that much, our wagon-wheel cottage. It makes the owners real, and I'm so happy they wrote -- my imagination creates an image of an elderly woman in an assisted-living residence with her children around her - they know that they would have loved to have given us the house, but they had to go with the highest bidder (oh-so-much-higher than we could have ever bid) because they residence is expensive, and little Judy's going to Dartmouth and is going to cure cancer, and they DO need the money. But they're happy that someone else saw what they saw. And we did. Isn't that what matters, in the end?

How lucky and happy we are that they wrote. (I love that she wrote to The Girls, and put Partner on the envelope. Isn't that nice? The handwriting is over seventy-five if a day. I love that.)


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Aah, I do love the smell of openmindedness in the morning, don't you?

That's so sweet. Sort of gives you some closure about the whole thing, too, I'll bet.

that is very sweet. i'm glad she wrote.

Oh, that made me tear up! what a lovely card and what a sweet gesture.

The Girls. I love it!

That note is definitely a throwback to a more genteel past. People just don't make such sweet gestures nowadays but I am glad to see there are still some out there!

That is so sweet! I want her as my grandma!

That is amazing. Reminds me there is always great good in the world...

Wow, there are still! (first) people that write notes, (second)there's sweet people in the world that aren't afraid to express their feelings and open up to strangers. Truly wonderful, and yes, you both deserve that note.

That is sooo sweet. It makes me want to go write a note to someone!
I think I will. With ink and stamps and everything! :)

I just teared up when I read this. So sweet, so lovely and thoughtful. You know she would have liked you to live there.

Alright, that's it, I'm all veclempt now. (I bet that's not how you spell it..) What a sweetheart she was to share her feelings with you two, and in turn what a sweetheart YOU are, my dear, for sharing it with us. Makes our mornings sparkle.

oh, darn, that's just so darn sweet. I love it. It speaks well for your future house karma, I think. Confarn this overinflated real estate market, though! Just, just, just...confarn it.

*sniff* Aww. How special. We just bought a house over the summer (one you would probably love except that it's in rural Kansas) and at the closing I cried because I was so happy - hugged the people and told them house much I love the house - they cried - it's a wonderful feeling to know that someone else loves something as much as you do when you leave it to them. You will always love that house but another lovable one will come along some wonderful day that will become your own.

That is the sweetest thing EVER. And proof that the universe does recognize the rightness of things.

What a mitzah to be living after Stonewall ... how thankful I am to all who fought the good fight so you can have sweet sweet notes written to And Partner.

Isn't it nice when people surprise you in a nice way? My husband's little old Italian Catholic grandmother was always so cool about us doing things differently than she did (like not getting married in a church) - she always said "eh, you gotta do what you gotta do!"
(My grandmother, on the other hand, would go into another room and cry).
How nice for you and Lala to get such a nice note.

What a nice story! Thanks for sharing that. It gave my day a touch o' sunshine to know there're such nice people out there. And it's nice to hear about someone goin' to Dartmouth, too--brings back memories!

that's super sweet. and i agree, AB is a hottie. :)

I so love it when people show their appreciation. It seems like too many people don't think it's necessary or even desirable to reach out to other people when something touches them...they just keep quiet about it. Lucky you for running into someone who wanted to share :-)

That was SO DANG SWEET! Very cool that you made such an impression that she felt moved to write you; it really speaks volumes about your character.

Rachel, you gave me goosebumps! What a special lady! Just as you and Lala are - I have a feeling that you will find another really special house together one day - and the price will be right.

That is so right on cool. I must go immediately to sleep so as to not ruin the effect. Someone is sure to steal my faith in humanity again tomorrow . . . :)

Oh, how nice. What a nice family. It must be a horrible feeling to have to sell your house, and it must suck if you can't just sell it to the people you like the best! (Which was obviously you guys!)

Maybe it's a nice little old lady who had to sell up because she and her girlfriend couldn't take care of the yard any more, so they've moved into a smaller apartment ...

But yes, very very sweet.

What a sweet little letter...Thanks for sharing. We bought our first house in May and when we first walked in, with our own keys, to our own house, we found champagne and a card from the previous owners. In the card was a note, explaining that the house had belonged to her grandmother, and how so much love and family had been in this house. And how happy she was that we were getting it as she could see that we were the same kind of people and would continue putting love and family into the house. I cried and I still cry everytime I read it. Thanks for the reminder...we've been so busy with renos, I had forgotten about that sweet note. (The champagne will be enjoyed when we toast to finished renos!)

How very sweet. Your house is coming.

That reminds me of our happy house buying experience. The previous owner was a widow who had lived in the house for 59yrs. She moved there as a newlywed and raised her two boys there. She was sorry to have to leave, but said she was glad we were buying it. At our closing, she had her son (who was handling the arrangements) return our hand money to us (a huge chunk of change) for redecorating money. We sent her flowers, and she sent us the most lovely note welcoming us to the neighborhood and wishing us as much happiness there as she herself found.
Would that all real estate transactions could be so uplifting!

Oh, I love that. Makes me happy :) And makes me feel better to know that folks like that still exist!

I'm such a silly muffin . . . I was secretly hoping it might be a thank you note from Lois C.

But aren't people nice? Love, G

Someday it will be you and your girl writing that note, I promise.

And who knows, the new owners mught HATE the new house and sell it to you in a firesale. It is amazing how the world works, especially in the East Bay!

Awww... that kinda made me teary eyed. How nice to get such a beautiful note. Thanks for sharing!

That is the sweetest thing ...

Oh, I could almost SMELL the lilacs coming off the notewriter!

And why don't I live in Oakland? (Because I have to live in NY state, where my kids pee off the backporch when it freezes as the waterpump is on the fritz. Jeezuz.)

Wanna go see the Whoreshoes. Poopy.

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