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October 13, 2005

This is why I leave writing about the music up to my girl.


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OK, I will leave my comment for Lala here:

I also vote Emmylou as Greatest Living Beauty. lol about when she was a brunette, definitely steal that. Who gets to have their hair go 'gray' like that? This magic is unfairly distributed. xox Kay

Yep - I'll do my comment here too:

EmmyLou. EmmyLou. She is perfection. We (sorta) named our child after her. We see her every time she's within reasonable driving distance. An awesome and beautiful woman she is.

See, that's a perfect example of why it annoys the crap out of me that we can't leave comments on LaLa's site. And, yes, I've whined at her about this. And she's explained all her reasons. And they're sane and legit and viable and make sense. But I'm still pouting.

The only thing wrong with that entry is that it bumps the post title "faster than regular Gonzales" down on the feed list. Because that was making me laugh. A lot.

Oh gawd-ess, I LOVE Exene! I am so glad she still waves. And Dave Alvin. man. I love Dave Alvin. What a great entry. Lala rocks and rolls.

Rachael that is SUCH a wonderful picture of you! Gawd you look happy. I'd slap you if you didn't follow it with a very humane post about the training. And your cottonball buddy, there. ;-)

Thank Lala for being the photo-documentour. I am so jealous I could spit.

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