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Whew!October 4, 2005

Busy and tired, but I promised more photos of the weekend's festival, so here are a few:


Camilla, who's running the Aids Marathon, ran TWENTY MILES and then came to watch the music. I did that last year (Em was there!), and dude, Camilla's a trooper to walk so far after running that much. She looked good doing it, too.


Christy and Beth might have been enjoying the music, but the kids, they like their iTunes.


Me, I like my cowboy hat. Or Lala's, truth be told. I forgot mine.


Look! Jeni was there! Yay!


It was hard enough to navigate the festival ourselves (OHMYGOD, there were so many people), so we left the dogs at home. Many, many other dogs came, though. They like them some bluegrass.


I almost forgot one of the best things! See this unassuming trailer? Yeah, it's a bathroom. Backstage, Friends and Family area.


One of the many Rach(a)els in Lala's harem is dating a guy with connections (and as they met at the karaoke bar we went to for my birthday, I felt completely justified in taking the passes. Didn't I earn them?) Free food, water, drinks and best of all, bathrooms with no lines. (But Janine, darling, we hated all of it. It was horrible. And we missed you. Next year....)


You can't tell, I know, but that's Dolly. Man, she was fantastic, as were Bethany and friend Nate who arrived at about nine in the morning to hold a blanket. We were about fourteen rows from the front, and it was worth it. I can't tell you, cannot hope to explain how many people were there. They shut down the gates at one point and let no one else in (thank god Lala and friends had their passes, because they'd been out watching Ralph Stanley at another stage). It's hard to tell from the next picture, but there were people packed in, standing room only, as far as the eye could see. We looked up on the hills surrounding the stage area, and people were quite literally hanging from the trees.



Lala takes a picture of (another) Rachel with Dolly. Okay, Dolly didn't know, but she would have been happy about it, had she known.


I have no idea who these two were, but how cute are they?


My Sunday hat, with friend Sarah.

Emmylou Harris was also amazing that day, but we were just too far back to take pictures, sorry. But all these photos are with my new cellphone, you like? I got the Treo 650 in the mail after I spilled wine last week on my 600 (I always insure my phones, since I break them without fail). They didn't send out the 600s anymore, so they upgraded me. And the bluetooth in it goes with the new computer! New job, new computer, new phone. You know what? Thank god we don't have a new house. I think that would be a bit much, don't you?

[new stuff] mwah!


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Dude. You look so happy.

And you deserve it.

Just yesterday, I was driving along listening to some Dolly, and as I sang "Cash on the Barrelhead" at the top of my lungs, I thought of you and wondered when you'd post a picture! No matter how far away the picture, no matter how small Dolly looks, she's always unmistakable. I totally wish I could have gone!

(and the picture of the kid and his iPod is priceless!)

You look incredibly happy.

OMG, what fun you're all having. Next year I wanna come too. And Rabbitch is right, you look totally, blissfully happy.

You always exude joy, but, dude, the happy is exploding out of this post. And so many pretty happy faces.


(P.S. I did the cold bath thing. It was kinda weird, but it TOTALLY helped! Thanks, sweetie!)

lovely. lovely. lovely.

Dude, it was a blast. Btw, I did get to stop and check out The Knitters for a few songs on our way out. They rocked! It was nice to hook up, knit, chat, and listen to some great music.

And I thought I had a great weekend. Yours seems positively blissful.

thanks for the emmy tidbit :-) what did she sing? i confess i love the old emmy lou stuff the best! looks like you had a great time, and i would have so taken the passes (if only for the bathrooms).

Our pictures of Dolly look about the same (see blog for mine). We must have been sitting pretty close at that one too! It was nice to bump into you and Lala, can't wait to see those socks when they're finished!

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