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Whew.October 13, 2005

I am learning so much. My head is going to fall right off in about six minutes. It will simply get too full of knowledge and fall off and roll around and laugh and say, "You know too much! That was it! I'm done with you! I'm moving on and going to get on the shoulders of someone who doesn't think, like you used not to."

My old job was 911/police dispatch for a small local agency. My new job is fire and medical dispatch for an enormous geographic area, and there are about one million more things to learn than I ever thought there would be. I keep learning that we control and manage the resources for areas that I never would have thought about, both geographically and politically.  It's great, but totally overwhelming sometimes. I have to call the state leaders when? And send fire trucks to other states how? We do THAT? You're kidding. I used to read blogs. That's what I USED to do.

Luckily, I'm going through training with a nice boy, who knows as much as I do about dispatching. I would be totally freaked out if all this learning was directed right at me, by my lonesome. I don't think that would be fun.

The guy is sweet. He is. But he doesn't ask many personal questions. Yesterday, I realized that while I knew his girlfriend's name and job and where she bought coffee and where they ate every Thursday night, I thought it prudent to ask (after eight nine-hour days), "Do you know I date women? And that my fiance is a girl?"

He said, "Really? I knew this girl at my last job who was having triplets with her female partner." And that was 'nuff said on the topic of me. I told you, he's sweet. Rather cotton-ball-like, and I can't explain that. He just is. Smart, yes. Just doesn't ask too many questions. I can respect that.

Maybe next week I'll prove to you that I still knit, although in reality I've knit maybe twelve rounds of a sock at work, and perhaps twenty rows of a lace handspun scarf at home this week. That's it. Someday I will knit again....

Happy weekend!


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We love you, knitting content or not!

A new job always feels overwhelming at first. You'll be a pro in no time. And, better he asks no questions than he's a nosy asshole, right?

Can you send me a fire truck too, pretty please?

Hope your brain gets some rest during all this. :-)

I hear you about the personal stuff. Some people are "just that way" and we can't make them ask questions about us no matter how hard we try! Maybe he already knows that his head would pop off and roll around if he filled it with too much information about other people? Just a thought (of which I have way too many as well).

Some of us are shy about asking too many personal questions, because we're afraid of being nosy--and OK, maybe a bit slow in the conversational department.

I think it's a guy thing...I have a daughter and a son, and the daughter knows EVERYTHING about all her friends and their families. I once asked my son what his best friend's father did for a living: "I dunno" with that shrug that says "Why would I ask?" And this is a boy who's been raised by women exclusively!

My boss doesn't know I've been known to date girls (or a great many other things about me) because he doesn't ask any personal questions at all, and sometimes certain things just don't come up. Though in his case, the personal/private wall is probably even more firmly in place because he's gay himself and works in a field where that's not always convenient. And no, of course I didn't learn that from him. I'd love to see some WIP pics if your head is still attached!

I agree that it tends to be a guy thing. I ask a lot of questions and try to figure things out. Ron figures it's none of his business. Just try to get any personal details out of him. It's not easy.
As for knitting, we'd read you every day, even if there were no knitting content.

I think it's a guy thing, too. I used to have a husband (bleah!), and he had friends that he'd known for years and didn't know really obvious things about them. But me, I spent 1 hour with a new (woman) realtor, and at the end of the hour we knew each other's weights, family members, favorite foods, coffee habits, last five sexual partners, and how far apart our periods were.

My son keeps swearing that his head is full; but never, not once, has he mentioned that it would pop right off and roll around looking for a new set of shoulders. You slay me!
The lack of info thing is totally a hetero guy thing, totally.

Those of us who talk way, way too much about ourselves have a tendency to expect other people to tell us whatever they want to tell us. If they don't say it, we assume they don't want to talk about it. What you do tell me, I'll remember, but what you don't tell me, I don't tend to ask.

I remember the day my brain was full. It was in Algebra II/Trigonometry in tenth grade. I thought my eyeballs were going to pop out from the pressure.

I'm looking forward to some WIP pics when I get back!

You have to work with a straight guy? Eeeeeeeeew!

[Just (mostly) kidding]

Finace... did I miss something. holy freakin CONGRATS!!

I'm going to have a happier weekend NEXT weekend! I can't email out from here for some reason but I can do this (and I can receive)... so you're getting the reminder based on our call that we'll meet at 1:00pm on Saturday! You have my cell number, no? Can't wait to see you! I'm thinking I'll bring Zauberflote so you can see :-)

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