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YawnOctober 6, 2005

I would really like a night's good sleep. Really. What with police action and new-job dreams and the migraine I woke up with yesterday, I'm having a rough time. The other night, I had this terrible dream in which it was my first day of work, and someone was supposed to drive me there. She wouldn't tell me where she was going to meet me, though, and ignored my questions. Finally, I shouted, "WHERE AM I GOING TO MEET YOU?" at the top of my lungs and woke up both myself and Lala. You might know from her blog that Lala can sleep through things like alarm clocks and ringing telephones and nuclear detonations, so I was quite proud of my lung capacity.

I'm pre-blogging this, since I have a minute while Lala showers, and then we're going out to dinner, and then I'm going home to bed, where, by the time you read this, I hope I will have managed a very nice, sound, long sleep. I haven't knit a stitch in days. I want sleeeeeeppppp....... Wish me luck.


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This made me laugh! I too have been known to yell out something in my sleep and now I no longer feel like a total alien! :)

Apparently I laugh in my sleep. Every night. When asked what I'm laughing about, I wave him off, mumbling, "It's nothing."

Have fun sleeping! I wish I could partitipate in your Sleep-Along but I'm an undergrad with a short, unimportant essay to pull out of thin air by tomorrow at noon. You'll have to sleep well enough for both of us.

Hmmm, I am reading a really interesting book by a cool guy who I actually met in a workshop. It's called "Conscious Dreaming" by Robert Moss. He sheds some light on dreams (not direct interpretation stuff) by asking his clients questions about those dreams, asking them to delve into them further, and asking them to track them by writing them down to see their/your progress. It's called "Conscious Dreaming" (the book) and it's VERY interesting. It's helped me go back into dreams, even days later, and look around for more clues about what I was trying to relay to myself.

And on that note--I need COFFEE!!! Hopefully you're still in bed, as it's only 7:21am EST. ;-)

Haven't knitted in days either. Wah. But we're having a Harvest party and mini-fiddle fest in my backyard Saturday, so hopefully that will make up for the lack of yarn fondling.


As the mama of a sleep talker and sleepwalker, I know that scenario all too well! It's good entertainment for those of us who are mere spectators, though!

Cute story! I have been around sleep talkers before too...pretty funny when they hold a conversation and wake up not remembering it...good luck on the sleep too...I feel for ya...nothing is yuckier.

That is VERY sweet and in such (!) a good way!


(I'm told that one night last week I said "None for me, thank you very much!" I was so pleased to hear that I am polite even unconsciously. :)

Love the Harriet story, too.

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