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An ApologyNovember 23, 2005

So sleepy, got off work this morning, slept for two hours, made noises like a dying fish when the alarm clock went off at 10:15am, and got myself to the dentist for emergency re-filling. (I heart my dentist. I'm phobic, didn't go for ten years, but Bruce got me back into dental health. Plus, he always has all the latest gadgets, computerized teeth imaging, DVD-on-demand, today it was a new little camera on a toothbrush-looking thing, which took an instant image that they showed me on a screen in front of my chest -- look, we're going to fix this here and here, and OH MY GOD, no, I guess that's okay, we'll leave that alone.)

So little-to-no sleep. This to say: I am woefully remiss in emails -- there are about twenty in my inbox of the Reply variety. You know the kind. There are emails that you can dash out and clear from your inbox in about thirty-two seconds, and then there are those lovely ones that you want to take your time with.... I've had no time. Slap-dashing this post together is all I've got today. If I owe you an email, please know it'll be coming. Soon. Ish.

Tonight I'll be seeing my girl, for the second time in almost a month, literally, and tomorrow I'll be headed south for turkey. Hope yours is nice, loving, and yarnful.


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Enjoy your time with Lala and Happy Thanksgiving!

I know the email syndrome. The ones you want most to reply to are the ones that languish longest in the inbox.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Lala!

I hope Lala is heading south with you; otherwise, you're gonna need a gallon of Royal coffee to help get you down there! Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Gobble Gobble to you and your family! I'm glad you get to see the Lala girl, even if only for a night.

"Nice, loving and yarnful" --- could any of us wish for more? The same to you, each and every day.

I need to find a Bruce, I am a total sissy when it comes to the dentist.

Enjoy your time with Lala!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Lala and Happy Turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! *mwah*

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