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BlehaNovember 25, 2005

Which is a word, you know. About a million years ago, I think I typo-ed it to Lala, and now we actually say it. "Bleee-hah." Bleha. Worse than bleah.

Don't feel well -- I'd been fighting a turned ankle and a sore neck and a chipped tooth followed by novocaine ache, and now I've got a terribly sore throat with cold symptoms thrown in for fun. First noticed it when I got Bounced this morning at Mom's house by two sisters eager to wake me up to go shopping. Usually I shout and bounce back at them, at least roar some rage, but this morning I just felt like weeping into my pillow while I rummaged underneath me for the earplugs I'd ripped out in sleepy terror.

But we did have a very nice turkey day -- Mom and the sisters made an amazing meal, as usual. As usual, I'd had little to no sleep and ended up napping, which was for the best, since I'm never useful in the kitchen until the dishes are ready (although I managed to slice up my thumb while doing them this year -- it's been a rough couple of days).

Mom and Cromarty:


Due to my desire to get home before I totally got sick and to my own poor planning, I ended up renting a car this afternoon to come back to the bay area, not something that's usually that much fun.

But dude, when they give you the Mustang convertible for no extra, because they're out of the economy cars, you get home QUICK. I mean, of course I'd never speed. You know that. Of course not.

Also, this was taken while standing still. Sure it was.


As was this:


And this was how it felt to drive a Mustang:


It did not, however, detract from my Mini Cooper lust, which will not be fulfilled for a while, much as I would like it to be. Wonder if you can rent one?

Now, to the couch to Be Sick for a little while. Just made some veggies and I'm also breaking out the brie, because it will help. This I know.


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Wow, that is the friendliest comment spam I have ever seen.

There's one Mini in our little town. I always think of you.

actually yes you can rent minis. we rented one while visiting LA a couple of years ago. it was to test drive it before i came home and ordered one.

and i got some of that comment spam once and i thought it was real. so sad for me.

Tee-hee, those Mustang pictures are funny :)

Hope you are feeling better soon. But brie when you are sick?! bleh

It has to be hot sweet tea and a lot of gargling with hot salt water (note: do not combine the sweet tea with the hot salt water)

Rumour has it you can rent a Mini Cooper from Gatwick Airport in London. I live in hope that they'll be all out of Ford Focuses and have to give us a Mini in a few weeks time. They're a blast to test drive!

You definitely can rent minis. But instead, come visit Toronto and you can come drive mine! For free! :)

Get better soon. That is a fab pic of you driving the Mustang.


Hope you feel better. Is that how you looked all the way back home in the Mustang? (Kidding!) Well glad you got that car, at least I hope it made you feel a bit better.

You look like you were having fun in that mustang! I'm sending you Chicken Noodle Soup vibes. Get better!

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I was traveling and caught some kind of bug, too - I think it's going around. Bleha.
Get better soon!

Sorry to hear that you are feeling like crap! I appreciated that happy Mustang face, though.

I'm a big fan of typos that become words. I think we should start a dictionary of 'em. My favorite, which has become a bona fide word with my friend Sharon, is "stuipd." For some reason, whenever I'm typing fast, stupid becomes stuipd. Sometimes now I can't even tell the damn difference, it's become so normal. Obviously on the keypad, those letters are in the wrong sequence to be typed fast. stuipd.

Feel better. Being sick is stuipd.

Awesome photos, Rachael! I hope you feel better soon. :)

Aww, you poor thing, sick on Thanksgiving. I hope your Mom gave you a big plate of food to take home. My recommendation: "Throat Coat" from Traditional Medicinal teas. Does not taste icky and makes throat hurt less. That and the handy dandy purse size spray of Chloraseptic if you can't stand it at ALL. Take it easy, girl, you really need some time off.

feel better soon :-)

hope you feel better, deary! that's a lot of feeling sick to endure at once, especially with the chipped tooth...

Sorry you were sick. I was and still am with a nasty nasty sinus infection.

Was on death's door on thanksgiving so no fam for me. And this year we had a number of Kiwi folk at the table.

Alas - it was ugly - I was coughing up lots of bleha thats for dang sure.

Luckily my best friend brought me dinner later and sat with me while i was weak and out of it and wacked out on medicine.

Hope the brie made you better (although I suspect dairy substances aren't the best when you have a cold).

You looked swell driving that mustange too.

Happy bleha

Hope you feel better soon.

I share your Mini Cooper Lust... and if I am not mistaken you may rent them- just a bit spendier :)

I'll be borrowing bleha...it's a perfect description for inbetween holiday blehs...not quite xmas...you know what I mean?

Feel better and we must have pics of the mini rental if you find one!


Oh Rach, I hope you feel better! Seems like all my pals are getting sick. Glad you had fun on Thanksgiving, nap and all.

Brie will definitely help. It always does.

I rented a Mustang convertible once to drive downto LA, and I'm pretty sure I had the same look on my face most of the way. Yeehaw!

HOpe you feel better soon...I"m sure the car helped a little. :)

here's hoping all your ailments run from you and leave you well double time!!!


That picture of you in the Mustang is quite adorable. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Oh yuck. Hope you feel better ASAP!

I too have the Mini Cooper lust and the little boy next door gave me a Matchbox car Mini Cooper--that's all I can afford too!

i'm sorry you were sick. but i love that car and you look so cute sooooo..... yeah baby!

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