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CD!November 29, 2005

How flippin' exciting is THIS? I mean, really. Go see Lala for the proof of what this album will do for you, but I've lost weight. That's all I know. Makin' no promises here, people, but there've been rumors that the pesky leprosy you've been worried about? It might help. Just a rumor.

Seriously. It's great. Get it.


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Oh, that is VERY exciting! And I'd like to think I had something to do with it, because just TWO DAYS AGO, I was listening to my mp3 of "Asheville" and Bill was like "What is that? We have to get the album!" and I complained that there WAS no album. And now there's an album! Yay, Whoreshoes!!

Somebody needs to tell them that their link to the Whoreshoes' website is wrong--they end it in .om instead of .com. Though that's very zen, it doesn't qute work!

Thanks for the heads-up. I just ordered the CD.

congratulations to lala and her band mates! awesome.

And, even better, it's now out of stock!

What a great review.

Wow. Out of stock already. CD baby are a great place to work with btw - we've got our CD on sale at http://www.cdbaby.com/terrygonda (shameless plug! Go listen!). If you haven't signed up for their credit card swiper yet, you should - it's really increased our takings at gigs.

So I'll wait for the album to come back in stock. Can't wait to hear it.

Out of stock ALREADY? And I was just on my way over to order it (and secretly hoping it might also contain the cure for adult acne.) Alas, I will wait semi-patiently.

Awesome!!! :)

I will definitely check that out. Thanks for the tip. I'm so glad you turned me on to a local bay Area bluegrass group. And they're ladies! Makes me proud. =)

Well it's about time! I'm going to pester all the other hillbillies in the DC area to buy it too. Yay.

I'm on the waiting list for the CD. I can't wait until it's back in stock.

I just got my copy today and thoroughly enjoyed it. The whole family was bebopping to it.

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