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November 16, 2005

Darlings - oh, just TOO busy. New job is going great, but it leaves me with literally zero down time during the week. Plus, just because I like to make myself a little bit crazy, I've taken this lack of time as a sign that I really have to work harder to fit in the important stuff, so I've been sacrificing a little sleep to fit in regular writing and running sessions.

I'm proud of myself. Running AND writing make for a healthy, happy Rachael, since I'm never fully me when I'm not writing. The running just makes me healthier. I don't have to enjoy it (although I kind of did today -- sunny, warm run, new tunes on the iShuffle, didn't trip or anything).

I haven't even had time to read the things you wrote about Stupid Worries, and I can't wait for my weekend (which starts tomorrow) so I can catch up on those!

So just this:


Took this shot this morning, and it confirmed to me that, yes, I still have a lazy eye when I'm tired. I liked how it looked as blurry as I felt. Now, to the bath, then to coffee shop for writing, then to the job for my Friday night! Yeehaw!


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I'm so happy you went running! I hope it was perfect and that the writing is also perfect! It's something I've been doing a bit more myself. I'm trying not to worry so much about making it perfect the first go around. That can come later!

So impressive! I need to take inspiration from your good runs and do some running myself.

lazy eye, you say? i'm not seeing it. way to go with the running - i'm trying a new get-off-yer-arse plan myself - posting about it on the blog on saturdays certainly keeps me motivated. warm, you say? i think i should move - it's about to hit 0 (celcius, mind you) here in toronto. argh!

Hey, cutie! You look about as blurry as I'm feeling these days. But you wear it much better. :)

So glad the new job is going well!! You look very happy and healthy in the pic, though not a bit lazy-eyed...

"Didn't trip" is also one of my big signs that it's been a good day for me. Whether I went running or not.

Good for you to do the things you like. Too bad for me I don't have any more hours of sleep left to sacrifice. Unless I want to give up knitting...

A happy, healthy Rachael sounds good to me, whether she has time to knit or not... as long as she has time for the "important" things :-)

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