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GrumpNovember 6, 2005

For scale:

    Miss Idaho, next to  handspun

I've been grumping around all day today, and for most of the day I didn't really know why. It was kind of overcast outside, not the kind of day that inspires much movement. Usually it would have been a good day just to sit and knit, but my new work week starts on Sunday, and that means that Sundays are for sleeping in and making sure laundry is done and that I have food in the house to take with me. Not a brainlessly lazy kind of day. But that wasn't enough to explain my dark mood.

I finally figured it out at about 2pm. I'm surprised it took me that long, but it did. It was obvious, that's why I missed it.

Lala's gone for a week and a half, and with my work schedule, I won't see her for almost two weeks. She left yesterday.

Duh. It took me a whole day to figure out why I was stomping around the house, displeased with chocolate and yarn alike. I'm an idiot.

I knew I would miss her, but I thought it would be easier. I thought I would be decadent and lie on the couch, eating Snack Food (crackers and cheese and salami), drinking red wine until three in the morning, knitting and watching crap TV. I did that last night. But I got sleepy and went to bed at 10:30. Dude. Way to party while the girlfriend's gone.

I have the dogs, though, and that's fun. They're mopey, too. They laugh and jump and love on me, but their eyes stare blankly out the windows as soon as we stop playing. Is that her? Is that her? Is that her?

Isn't this the most love-lorn, pathetic thing ever? It's not like I even see La much -- our schedules have been pretty out of whack. But at least I COULD steal an hour or two last week. This week, she's being all Buddhist-ey up north, and I totally support her in her enlightenment endeavors. But excuse me as I pout.

These help, though:


And this does, too -- a pic of Lala buying flowers for sister-in-law Won-Ju (check out her amazing artwork!) before an art opening, in which she had a piece!



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You and the dogs should fly out to Brooklyn to hang out with Billy and the chickens. It's hard to be away from your sweetie but it's much harder to be the one who stays home...


Awww, poor darling. It's bad when even snacks and dogs don't take away the blahs. I'll bet she's missing you terribly, too. Hang in there...and nice handspun, by the way :-)

Poor you. :( I don't know what I'd do without my Bex for a week and a half. Two weeks would kill me. You need a yarn crawl, girl. That'll help take your mind off of things for a little while, at least.

Sounds like you are having a bummer of a day and I hope it gets better. Btw, did Lala change her hair colour? And what kind of dog is Miss Idaho? We guessed papillon/chiuawa mix?? She's real cute!

Sorry you're in the dumps. I've been thinking about you and Lala the past few days because we've decided to name our new baby girl Lilah. I know my toddler will most likely call her Lala which will make us all call her that for a nick name probably, and every time I think of that I think of you two. :)

Aww...I understand how you are feeling. Good to put the finger on it. Here's hoping something super terrific happens this week.

It's tough when the loved one is away. Dale and I were reminiscing yesterday about the first year he went on a hunting trip and I stayed home. I think I cried a river. What a pathetic mess I was. It's gotten better over the years but I still cry every time he goes away.
You'll be okay once you get in the groove of it and work helps keep you busy and passes the time.
Hugs to you.

I feel ya, girl. Jacob just left for a business trip for a week and I'm having trouble sleeping. Pathetic. Luckily you have the dogs to pout with you.

What an amazing artist...origami plus painting is just so neat.

Look at the puppy eyes! Oh!

I feel your pain! My hubby recently had to go on a business trip for a week. It was the first time we'd spent a night apart in nearly five years, it SUCKED!
I had to throw myself into a big project (redecorating and painting my kitchen) to get through it!

I'm glad you have the doggies to keep you company though! :)

Maybe this will cheer you up: Picture me & MaryB at our first spinning class yesterday! We even got to take the wheels home, with the assignment of filling at least one bobbin. Hondo & Frances do not know what to think, but I think I'm gonna have to spin behind closed doors ~ XXO

I feel your pain. The love of my life works as a consulant, and is thus away "on site" every week from M-Th. At least we have more nights together than we do apart. The cats stick to me like glue when it's just me in the house, though. Usually that's fine, but one of them keeps trying to shower with me, which is a bit awkward.

p.s. Thanks a *lot* for spreading your chocolate craving to me the other day!

I LOVE Miss Idaho!

She looks so SAD in the top photo - her hair's all mussed. It's a perfect picture. Lala will feel appropriately guilty, I think.

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