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November 3, 2005

How is it possible that I have nothing deeply and velvetly chocolate in my house? I just searched, and there's nothing. Some old chocolate covered raisins. A box of brownie mix (don't think I didn't consider it). Not even any good cheese, which, you know, can stand in for a chocolate craving if you eat enough of it at one time. And if you chase it with chocolate.

The biggest question is why I keep looking. Like it's going to change. I keep wondering if there's a cupboard I haven't checked, or a bag somewhere in my closet with that last hazelnutty bit of creamy chocolate heaven.

Dude. I'm so headed for the emergency chocolate chip bag right now. You know the one. I don't normally fiend like this, but I'm dying here. I'm too tired to drive to the store. Those last seventeen chocolate chips are going to have to work for me right now. A lick and a promise, and the good stuff will have to come later. What I wouldn't do for a box of Cadbury Creme Eggs right NOW. April can't come quick enough.


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OMG, I've done that! Looked again and again and again for the chocolate that isn't there. No matter how hard I hope and concentrate, I still come up empty-handed. *sigh*

I do that with the refrigerator -- as if some invisible spirit will have snuck in something yummy whilst I was looking the other way.

You need a secret stash. It's hard to keep up with, but oh, so important for those midnight, "dear lord, I would eat my own hand if it were dipped in chocolate" cravings.

Poor chickadee. If I had a teleporter, I'd send you some right now. Thanks to the drafties, I've got quite a stash in my drawer here.

I do it too. And I feel silly about scrounging... then glad that it's chocolate now, and not cigarettes anymore. :) Seventeen chips beat stale smokes.

Have you tried Norma's microwave chocolate cake? If you save those chocolate chips, you can put them on top and let them melt. http://nownormaknits2.typepad.com/now_norma_knits_2/2005/06/cake_or_death.html

I made it yesterday, it satisfied my sweet tooth, and I love chocolate with an urgent wild passion.

I was going to say that semi-sweet morsels work really well in a pinch, then I saw you were a step ahead of me. They've saved my ass many a desperate time. Hubby kindly made an emergency chocolate stop for me on his way home from work tonight. :)

I was going to suggest chocolate chips for emergency chocolate consumption. Glad you've got them.

Also? Wine works as well as cheese. Nevermind, I didn't say that.

Peanut butter, soybean butter, almond butter- any of these can help a fiend. Also, buttered toast. Happy to hear you had the chips. Since I can never remember stuff, I hide the chocolate from myself, and then when I'm searching around, it's kind of like getting a present when I find it. If I find it.

I will eat some chocolate right now and send you psychic chocolate thoughts. Does that count?

Don't worry - chocolate is a bean, right. A bean is a vegetable and vegetables have fibre and carbohydrate. Chocolate also contains fat (another food group). And you have milk (protein). DONE!
Glad to have been of help :)

We've all hit the chocolate chip back one time or another. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

yarnstorm's got a fun chocolate post today too -- me, i'm not into chocolate the way some are but every once in a while i get a huge craving for it -- like last noc -- so it was a choice of smucker's hot fudge topping or mrs field's(ghirardelli's are way better) milk choc chips (can you tell i'm not a real choc-lover -- i go for the milk not the dark)...i went for the smucker's...granted i needed a little vanilla ice cream and what the heck a little whipped cream with it too...

heh - my chocolate chip bag incident was a 2 year old bag containing hard little chocolates bits that had become white and crusty. and you know what? i still ate them. heh.

I have been known to open the refrigerator or cabinet about 5 or 6 times in a row hoping that the action of opening and closing will make chocolate or any of the good stuff (yes of course that includes cheese) magically appear. . .

It never seems to work though. I do squirrel chocolate away in different places and then forget about it. Then I find it eventually.

In the old days when I lived with Rachel Maddow and crazy Wendy (ask La about crazy wendy) and Polly in SF we had a walk in cupboard and I would sit in there and eat chocolate chips when I was desperate. I don't know why - but something about sitting in there eating Choc. chips was comforting to me. And yes, it was the chocolate of last resort (although I am a dark chocolate person I tend to prefer lindt).

Ya know, sometimes brownie mix can cut it -- as long as you don't bake it, just eat it with a spoon. That way it's all gooey and rich and smooth. It is a little more work, but when you're desperate...

I have TOTALLY hit the chip stash when the cupboards are bare! Thank you for reminding me - I definitely need to stock up on some chocolate in anticipation of the upcoming need.

I have been known, on more than one (ok, more than one hundred) occasions, to take a brownie mix, put some in a custard cup, add a little bit of water, and savor. And oh, how I've been there -- keep going back to the cupboard as if it's going to materialize. But yeah, try the micro choc. cake recipe!

I have to have chocolate in the house or I am hit with a craving so huge I will get out of bed, throw my coat over my pyjamas and drive to the 24hour garage in my slippers. If I have chocolate in the house (Dairy Milk, eye fankewe) I can leave it for a week before I have to eat it. Weird, huh?

Definitely hit the supermarket or Target/Wal-Mart on the way to/from work. All of the Halloween candy is on clearance and you can get the bags of dark choc kisses in the purple (Halloween?) wrapper that no one bought for the trick or treaters. I also found a couple of clearance bags of Lindt truffles (milk, but still Lindt!, and today I'm checking to see if there's any clearance Halloween Godiva) that I hid from the kids in the bottom of my knitting tote. I let them (and the husband) "find" the not-so-carefully hidden leftover mini-butterfingers and smarties. Love ya guys, but the Lindt is all mine!!!

haha, in addition to invading the chip bag, i've been known to stash a container of chocolate frosting in the fridge... i highly recommend it!

OMG, I thought I was the only one with a twist-tie on the chocolate chip bag!! I can so totally relate..In fact, just had a gigundo cup of chocolate pudding for lunch and expounded on the lunch line about the joys of chocolate as a main course. (I work in a school; the chocolate pudding STILL works!)
I'm feelin' your pain!

As one who has eaten the brownie mix, (dry, out of the box with a spoon!) I sympathize! You definitely need an emergency stash!

Oh, gee. Now I'm searching my house for chocolate! [did I mention it's 9:45 am??] Stale chocolate chips, here I come!

Know what else is great to have on hand? No Pudge brownies... you can make individual sizes in the microwave for emergencies like this one. Yum!

Would you believe I have ONE Easter creme egg in my fridge? I wonder if it's even good anymore... I can't quite bring myself to eat it! But I think of you when I see it in there, rolling around in the butter compartment.

(Welcome home, Cromarty, you gorgeous thing!)

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