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I Forgot to SayNovember 18, 2005

The Whoreshoes are playing tonight in Santa Barbara! I should have told you sooner. But there you go. And tomorrow in LA. Go see their website for the details!

Which means Lala is gone again. I saw her last night. One night in more than three weeks is what I get with her. Grrrr. At least I have cute little dogs to cheer me up. And what does she have to cheer her up? Beer, loose women, the rock'n'roll lifestyle. It's hard. (Actually, she has a cold, and she looked pretty miserable packing up her car....)


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Aw... She caught the Buddha Bug again? Poor La.

Oh, the trials of being a rockstar's fiancee...

Want to run a 5K with me the saturday after Thanksgiving? I accidentally paid the registration twice.

Boo. But I guess when you marry a rockstar you have to expect that.

Yup, having a lover on the road is no fun. I haven't seen my guy in a week. He's been away 80 days this year.

They need to come play in San Diego. Just remember... she'll miss you as much as you miss her :)

OHMIGOSH! Gengis Cohen is right by me! You're not coming? :(
Well, if I can make it out Saturday night, I will try...we're supposed to go to an early Thanksgiving feast that night...

Awww, so cute is what you guys are! I know you miss her, but just think. When she's a big rock star, you'll be a trophy wife!

and where are the phots of the darling little dogs? Or are they in the pokey for speeding?

Geesh, you think that that saying, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is right? I know, it's an old fart's saying...

gah! i wish i'd read this friday! i'm in santa barbara and could have used some good live music.

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