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Look Who's Home! November 1, 2005


CROMARTY! (More pics here.) The wonderful Threadbear Boys gave me the yarn (Koigu Kersti, some of it hand-dyed to order because I ran OUT of the dyelot) in return for displaying it for some months in their shop. I've worn it two or three times, max, I think. I wore it last year when I first entered my new home for the first time, remember?

Now she's back and in my arms, and I have to say, she's what I've been waiting for. Soemtimes I just stand in front of my many sweaters and wonder how it is that I have so many, and I don't have one I want to wear, nothing's perfect. Well, Cromarty's perfect. She fits, and she looks good, and she feels good. (Lala's gonna be jealous.)

It's weird that I forgot that I made her, that the gap wasn't obvious when I looked at the shelf. But she's back! I might wear her for a week.

(I'm sorry - it's really like a second blog post on the same sweater, isn't it? But come on, it's Starmore. It's okay, right?)

Boy, I'm sleepy. Yawn. Enjoy sleeping today/tonight, all right? It's a nice thing. 


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It's seriously amazing. Bring on the second posts I say!!!!

Wow! I've read your archives, so I've seen it, but everytime...wow. Tell me, how many skeins of Koigu did this beast take? Wow!

Cromarty is lovely. You got her back just in time for the cold weather. I'm looking forward to some action shots.

Welcome Home, Cromarty!!! I am dreaming of sweaters with cables, and it is ALL your fault. I will just have to settle for my afghan full of cables and lace for now.


I'd been wondering where that was! :)

I dunno. Nothing against Cromarty, but I think Joni's sweater might be even better.

i love this sweater, cables just do it for me, so this is just hot! I even made my boyfriend come and take a look at it, he too was in awe because he's seen me wrestle with cable charts before. ;) It looks absolutely amazing in the Koigu Kersti

It's definately okay--especially since you had to go down so many needle sizes to get gauge. And you slept with the yarn too...It's a goregous sweater Rachael. Well done!!

You can never post too much about a Starmore sweater.

I have been making bawks for Christmas presents, and have been wondering about the name. What is a bottlneck avenger? I see the "who's home" connection, but why does it follow "bottleneck avenger"? Thanks so much for sharing your lovely pattern!

Hooray! Back in time for cooler weather. I actually got to see your Cromarty in person and it is lovely indeed.

Hooray! Back in time for cooler weather. I actually got to see your Cromarty in person and it is lovely indeed.

A year already - wowza!! She's still a gorgeous sweater - i'm fuzzy with envy!!

Its more than okay. I dream about that sweater. Can't ever have enough about it.

Its been a year? Whoa.... anyways, Cromarty is a beautiful sweater - I love hearing about her. Glad she's home.

I've been toying with putting this one on my "must knit" list for a while. Even got the book from the local library to get a good solid look at the sweater and the pattern. Chickened out because it looked very boxy (and I was going to make it for someone else who doesn't do boxy).
Is it extremely thick? Is it very boxy? I guess the thickness would depend on the yarn. I'm glad you got it back and still love it, because that tipped the scales for me. I will make a cromarty (some day), because I loves me some cables!

Is it just a bad photo or did your Cromarty get discolored while traveling off to Michigan?

Welcome home, Cromarty! And I'm with Wendy--you can never post enough.


It is really beautiful. It deserves more than one (or 20) posts.

Super super pretty! That looks like a it was a huge amount of work though! How could you bear to be apart from it--I know--the free part helped.

I keep saying I'm not going to knit Cromarty. Then I see yours.

I got to see it in person this summer at Threadbear. That is one gorgeous sweater!

I'm gonna make one. I really am. I just have to find the perfect yarn...

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