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SnippetsNovember 8, 2005

1. Heard while walking into the coffee-shop: "The best thing to do is get all your rain-gear on, go out into the woods, and THEN eat the shrooms."

2. I know you've donated to everything this year, but there are still three million homeless people in Pakistan from the recent earthquake (17,000 children killed alone), and the winter is coming, fast. The fabulous Jessica has set up a donations website here. Knitters rock, I tell you. But you knew that.

3. I'm almost caught up on email and I found the local burrito shop, so I'm taking a HUGE burrito in to work with me tonight. Mmmm, carnitas.

4. Almost time for work, which I really like. Last night I realized I was working six different radio channels at one time, speaking on all of them, following the traffic on all of them as best I could (I missed things - the fast pace is difficult, but I'll get used to it). I love that I like a challenge. I hate that I need to be perfect, even when I'm new at something. Working on that.

5. Coffee is GOOD!

6. Eventually, I am sure I will get a google hit for the first item on this list, and I'll get some dumb email from someone asking me where to get shrooms. Dude, read the whole list. Don't send that email.


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The shroom comment almost made me pee my pants. Oh to be in college again.

Being perfect? It never happens. But, I have days where I get very, very close, and that chase is part of the lure of a fast paced work environment. After a six channel day, when you sit on the couch and knit, it feels excellent. Until the skillet bearer sneaks up behind you, and you fall asleep, that is!

Hi Rach......what shift are you working now? We miss you lots!!

I'm to tired to write a creative response, so I'll comment in list form:
1. shrooms + rain gear... sounds like a fun night for that person
2. thank you, thank you, thank you!
3. Burritos! I could eat one a day, oink. Yum.
4. You should be so proud! You sound like you love your new job and you're obviously great at it. Yay, you!
5. Coffee is good, caffeine is GREAT.
6. you'll have to share some of the good stoner email you get - 'cause you know you are going to get some!

Thanks luv, for your support. It really helps me get the word out.

About that first item...it's really good advice, because if you follow the directions in reverse order you'd NEVER get out of the woods.

Dude, that was YOU leaning in to eavesdrop at the coffee shop? 8-)

I'm at the school library right now, and I SO wish a had a big burrito!

1. Have you heard about the website overheardinnewyork.com? There's also an overheardintheoffice.com
2. One of my grad school friends lives in Pakistan and works in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. She was lucky enough to be in India when the quake struck, but she lost everything when her apartment building collapsed. She has asked me and our other classmates to donate to a local Pakistani charity in her name. I will definitely post the info about Jessica's site on my blog.
3. Mmmm, burritos. I'm eating chocolate right now, though, so nyah nyah!
4. Perfection is when you realize perfection is impossible. Not that we don't all keep trying anyway.
5. Mmmmm, coffee...
6. I second Jessica's request to share the stoner e-mails with us when you get them. :)

Dude, great site. Um, I heard that you are carrying, you know, some rockin' good, you know, stuff?

Got any?

And um, dude, that raincoat thing. You got any? Is it as cool as I hear? Should it be raining? Or does the um stuff, make it so, like, y'know, like, wow and cool?

I was an EMT in another life and have a lot of respect for you emergency dispatcher folks -- it's nerve-wracking work! Part of our EMT training included spending a few shifts in the dispatchers' office so we could see what they went through. More power to ya, girley. Sounds like you're already doing well.

Umm, Rachel, honey? You know we love you and all, right? So of course I *know* there were some veggies involved in that burrito??

(Stepping off the mom box now, ducking)

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