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November 21, 2005

Too busy for more than this:

Look, Ma, I'm blocking!

Boy, do I hate blocking. I'm no good at it, I don't have a blocking board, nor do I have enough pins. I used the shower curtain, woefully inadequate. Then I did a little blocking on the bed, then I gave up.

Photo_111905_045 Photo_111905_045_1

I'll show you a real picture of it later this week, when I have time to eat and not drive at the same time....

Also, flowers smell nice. (That was printed on a pillowcase when I was teeny -- it was the first sentence I ever read all by myself, I think.)


God bless Trader Joe's. Five bucks for flowers that will last two weeks. Love 'em.

[quick] mwah!


i love flowers partly because, 1) they do indeed smell good, 2) they are an excellent present (i know I would want flowers ANY time) and 3) they're inexpensive for the most part.
i use my mattress for blocking, it works very well. the scarf looks byootiful.

I LOVE Trader Joe lilies. I used to get a big bunch almost every week when I went grocery shopping. I heard a rumor that they were opening a Trader Joes in Minneapolis, but I think I was just dreaming.

I can not WAIT for our new Trader Joes to open up the street from me! My best friend who just moved here from Seattle tells me this on a daily basis too. I hate blocking too. It's probably why I avoid anything that needs blocking. Kind of like dry-cleaning. I don't do that either. Hum. I wonder what that says about me?

Amen! God bless that Trader Joe... whoever he may be.

Your green creation is stunning. seriously beautiful... blocking be damned.

What a precious and simple sentiment for a pillow case. Flower smell nice. "Some people" (you know I'm referring to the average man) don't recognize or appreciate the value of beauty. Part of the beauty of flowers is the way they smell. And they way they make you feel. Ahhhh... flowers smell nice.

Lilies are amazing. I once heard a (supposed) Chinese saying, that if a poor man has only two pennies, he should use one of them to buy a loaf of bread, and the other for a lily. I can really see the point of that.

Lovely scarf and perfect color--even on the camera phone!

Yeah, flowers do smell nice. But I'm not sure I would needlepoint it on a pillow. Just go buy some, already?

No Trader Joe's in Mississippi (sob). And yours are so beautiful. I get mine at Sam's.

Your scarf is lovely! Blocking is a pain, isn't it? *lol* Love the flowers. Lillies are my favourite (which is one of the reasons my daughter's name is Lily) ...

very preety. the scarf AND the flowers.

Um, are you sure it's a good idea to be pricking tiny little holes in your shower curtain for blocking? I don't have a blocking board either. I usually use the ironing board (if the object is small enough) or our futon or the bed mattress sans sheets. Just some suggestions that might save you a wet bathroom.

I had some problems blocking things until I thought of this:


you don't need to read spanish, just look at the photos. hope it helps. it stores beautifully.

wondermat link: http://www.wondermat.com/

Stargazer Lilies are my fav flowers, precisely because they smell sooo good and last....2 weeks. Clearly you and I were separated at birth.

Well, the shawl is beautiful, but what I'm really digging is the color of your bathroom! Awesome...

Amen to T.Joe's! Love them...those lilies are beautiful, almost as beautiful as your shawl/scarf thing. Drive safely to Momma and Poppa's!

Mmmmm, flowers.... Pretty.... And the scarf is absolutely amazing!

I believe my shmoopie forgot to mention that she also designed the pattern.

You're welcome.

Oh, and she spun the wool, too.

AWESOME scarf. Never blocked anything. Do you have the pattern for the scarf? And why do you need to block it? Do you need to block it after washing it?

Love that scarf! Gorgeous!

I looked at the comments for pattern info only to discover that you designed it. It is soooo beautiful. you must write out the pattern for us, sometime.

That scarf is gorgeous!

No Trader Joe's in Minnesota, either - but I love going to them when I travel.

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