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WavingNovember 12, 2005

Updated to add:
Why didn't I know I had such an attractive audience? Damned if you ALL aren't lookers. I had NO idea it would be this much fun to see you all. I've long had this idea that the blogs we love the most are the ones with plenty of face shots -- it's part of knowing someone, the visual, the silly expressions, the posed ones. You know when you've been reading a blog a long time and then suddenly you see the writer for the first time, and it's such a happy HELLO moment? That's what I'm having over here on my end. Thanks.

I can't resist this, seen at Mason-Dixon:

Wave At Me via Frappr!

Please? Won't you post a picture of yourself? There's really something about seeing the person you've corresponded with, that you've read, that lurks. I'd love to say hi to ya. As of this moment, WAY too late on Friday night, I'm waving to myself.....

Listening to:

Imogene Heap. If you're anything like me, rather settled and happy to be home on Friday night with the clean dogs and sleepy cats, but there's still a part of you that could freak OUT in the bathtub over Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights or anything with the slightest touch of electronica romanticism, go iTunes her album Speak for Yourself. At least sample it (especially "Hide and Seek"). Formerly of Frou Frou, she's out on her own, and I heart her, hard. I think I'm crushing. Don't tell La. (Lala! Get home and put yourself on my map! Please?)


Page After Page. Oh, this is nice and real and human and a good kick in the ass for you, the writer.

Carter Beats the Devil. Just go buy it. It's awesome. Em, you would love this, I think.


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Mills!! I was so thrilled to see Mills pictures on your blog yesterday. I miss it SO much (well, Ok, I miss California so much in general!). It totally made my day to see home. I even got little nostalgic tears in my eyes. 40 days, and 10 hours until I get to go home for Christmas!!! Thanks for the CA booster shot. The Dogsies were cute too, by the way.

I bought that album on Wednesday. Love it!

I added myself to your Frapper map, but I'm hard to find, tucked between you and Emy. :)

Omigoodness, what a bunch of beautiful people! How wonderful recognize so many names and be able to put a face with them. Thanks, Rachel! Now I gotsto have someone snap a pic!

There ya go

You can see the real me on my Blog! I don't think I posted an actual picture on the Frappr thinamajiggy. Sorry for not playing properly!

Frapper is hella cool. I thought about doing it myself, but I don't have that many readers. :)

Hey, I added me to yours. You better hurry and go look though. It is the first time I have posted my real picture and I may change my mind. lol. I have a map too, will you come add to mine?

I don't know why it isn't showing my little flag in Sydney, NSW, Australia ... sob... I'm waving madly down here... my arm's getting tired now. I have to stop.

Thats ok M-H, my country doesnt even get named,I'm waving from one of those islands to the east of you!

Hi Rach!

I did find the yarn shop in Venice, but didn't even go in...there was too much VENICE to see!

Thanks for the suggestion!

PS: Frapper is fun!

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