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BootedDecember 1, 2005

I'm not sure if I can get behind the knitted boot recently featured on Knitty Gritty. I completely applaud the designer for her daring, and I think it's totally clever. Cute, even. But I could never wear them. And neither could you, probably. If you're NOT a knitter, you might get away with it. You know? Fashion-forward, cutting edge. But a Knitter wearing them? Every friend and family member would know that you'd finally gone right around the bend, and you'd never live it down. It's only a small step from that to making knitted chaps, and that's just not okay.

Went for a walk in the rain today on my way to getting my hair done (the hairdresser confirmed my suspicion that I am almost sixty percent gray-haired at the age of thirty-three), and saw this little person:


Doesn't she make you want to play in the rain? Or at least get a yellow slicker? Do they make grownup yellow slickers? 'Cause that's the cutest thing ever.

Well, since I've shown you the cutest thing ever, I'll show you the toughest thing ever, too:


Five and a half pounds of pirate terror, man. Be afraid, be very afraid.


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I'm asking 'Why'? And I think that the answer is 'Because you can..." I'm all for lateral thinking, and I admire the brain behind this, but.... why?

I saw that episode of Knity Gritty and was thinking the same thing. Guess I'm getting too old for some fashion things, LOL!

Yah, I saw Knitty Gritty and couldn't believe the whole thing myself. Knitted shoes? I don't think so!

Amen sister! I guess they'd be warm, but you could never get them wet or they would felt! I think this is a case of "just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD."

I think yellow slickers are God's way of making *all* children look angelic and cute, even if they are holy terrors. My step-sister's son, for instance. Four years old and already a candidate for juvie. But put him in a yellow slicker and matching HAT (!!) and he seems very sweet, for a little while, anyway.

I don't get Knitty Gritty here in Boston, maybe that's a good thing.

Love the yellow slicker. I had a friend in college who wrote on the back of his yellow slicker, in big black letters, "Dandy Day for Ducks". That made you want to play in the rain.

Actually, I had an idea for something like this but very, very different. And definitely not as tacky-looking. Never found a place to get soles, though.

Ah, you're in good shape. The man of the house has been 100% grey since about 28. Now he's 95% silver.

WHERE did the pirate coat come from???

i have a yellow slicker -- or slickah as we say here.

and those knitted boots are just heinous.

That is one scary little pirate!

It's ok...I'm at least that much grey, and a good part of my grey is turning bright silver...and I'm not even 28 yet (20 days left).

Yay yellow slickers! I wish we got more rain here in NM.

Hey Rachel (& Steph) -

Eons ago - okay, 2002 or so - we had knitted shoes in the Urban Knitter. Believe it or not, these were very cute.
You can probably find a copy in the library or pick up the book for cheap from a remainder shop now (and see me w/ridiculously long hair).

There are some good sights to be had while out in the rain - the little munchkins are one.

You should see the previews for the Knitters mag coming out soon - ack! Some knits boots in that issue too.

Ummm, I totally hate those boots. They kind of look like something the 80s barfed up.

Anyway, I got a bright orange slicker from LLBean a couple years ago. They might carry yellow as well.

That is one bad ass puppy!
The freakin boots would not load on my slow behind comupter and ~
The rain slicker of course they do what do you think all those hunky construction guys, police guys wear? They make pants too. My fiance' has the complete set, I wear it in hurricanes!!!! Now that is a visual for you! Har..

OK, if I won't even wear legwarmers, what makes them think I would wear knitted boots??

Yes I thought those boots were great too. Not that I would wear them either, but hey if you used softer bottoms maybe house shoes? This season seems to be bringing the more funky knitting out (not in a bad way). Cute little pirate!

Land's End, Orvis, LL Bean (.com) all have yellow slickahs (tho I think Bean just has them seasonally), but the one I like best is at let-it-rain.com. Hooded, comes down to the ankles so just your rain boots (bright red with yellow ducks printed on them?) peek out and your pants legs don't get all wet and clammy...Look out puddles, here I come!!! Love the pirate pooch but I think I'll pass on the knitted shoes. (Felted clogs now, I could definitely go for those)

I loves the 5 lb. dogs, I have three of them. Anything 10 lbs. and under and they're just so much tougher than bigger sized dogs. I think they feel like they have to be. It's not a napolean complex, it's just so people won't mess with them. It's preemptive toughness...

Those boots are the ugliest thing ever. Hope you find a yellow slicker. You'd look darling dancing in the rain!

Am I the only one who noticed how badly handknitted socks got dissed on the DIY page? Handknitted socks *are* exciting!

You know, maybe if they hadn't started with the ugliest shoes on the planet to start with...Who buys Capezio dance shoes to wear as street shoes? I agree that it's an interesting and creative idea, but the execution sucks.

Capezio's are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn, but my shoe budget doesn't allow me to leave Payless. When I went to the website to see the boots, I almost choked when I saw that they were ruining a $40 paif of shoes!

I just watched that show last night. I didn't like them at all either. Knitted slippers, yes. Knitted shoes, no! Blech.

I'm seeing knitted boots ALL OVER THE PLACE right now, and I don't get them at all.

I'm 38, and I have absolutely no idea how grey I am anymore. I refuse to ask, he doesn't tell. Highlights hide everything.

Dude, I live in Canada. Those are NOT "boots." Wicked thick socks, maybe. But not boots.

Oh, no. I thought you were joking at first. Shoes? Socks are even pushing it for me these days. Spending time and money on something that will touch my feet seems a little ridiculous sometimes, but I've gotten over it...but boots?! I can't believe it.

And, by the way, I want to pick up your little pirate terror and squeeze and cuddle him because he's SO cute.

Those shoes are a prime example of "just because you can doesn't mean you should." Besides, knitting should never involve a power drill.

I watched that Knitty Gritty with my MIL, who always follows the pattern and is just trying a Latvian Dreams pattern and I think may be on the verge of finding her inner creative knitter. That show did NOT. HELP. We watched through the whole thing, just sort of mesmerized by the insanity of it all. I mean...a drill? 25 DPNs? And then you end up with this crazy orange...something? What????

Truly bizarre.

Oh, and forget the slicker, add in a pair of rainboots with handles (you know, to pull them on) and an umbrella that looks like a duck or a frog or a schoolbus, and dude, it's time to stomp in the puddles!

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