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Busy ThoughtsDecember 13, 2005

We finally secured the spot for the wedding. Whew. It took us long enough. There just never seemed to be the right time to go down to the City Center and fill out the forms, never seemed to be the right amount of money in the bank, you know how it goes. But we got it. It’s paid for. Even if we have no money on the day of the wedding, we can have people show up with potluck goods and wine-in-a-box. We’ll have a party.

The place we’ve rented is amazing – an old lodge in the sequoias (in Oakland!), surrounded by a huge deck, an inlaid hardwood floor inside, a fireplace…. I dream of white lights and candles and romantic lighting. And a dress that’s pretty and fits and is just what I want.

I got the dress out the other day and started work on it again. It seemed that I had to have the hall rented and a solid date before I got serious about planning. So I’m knitting again (I might show you a bit at some point, but not much. You do understand. You’ll see it all afterward….). And I’m completely okay (I keep saying this) with this idea: If I get to that moment of truth and try it on and dislike it, I’ll go buy a cocktail dress, just like THAT. I want to look great on the big day, knitted dress or no knitted dress. We’ll just have to see.

Of course, now that my training period at work is drawing to a close (with any luck, just two and a half more weeks left), I can occupy my mind with other Big Things. Like moving. Oy. I want to live with my girl. She wants to live with me. But neither of us want to move. Boxes! Packing! Dust and disorder! Ack! I can’t sell the condo yet. Do we rent it out and rent another place? (Oh, going back to being a renter….) Do we rent it out and buy another place, calling the condo income property? (Oh, California real estate terror.)

Moving. Planning a wedding. Things to keep me awake at night. Good problems, though.


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The venue for the wedding sounds absolutely *perfect*! I get chills just thinking about it. Am sure everything will fall into place. Oh and there's nothing better than a pretty dress!!!

You will look beautiful no matter what. Yup, you got yourself some good problems right now!

Congrats and wonderful news on finding a location! Everything falls together once that's done...well, no, wait, once the dress is figured out then the rest is details...LOL It's good stress and when the day comes, it will be well worth it...it was for me! I'd not do it again because I had to move clear across the country, however, the day was absolutely worth it! Enjoy the planning as much as you can!

Hooray on the wedding plans!

When is it?

Agreed, these are good problems. And their resolutions will be even better!

Okay--this sounds like the place where my good friend got married last year--yes, in Oakland. Sadly, I missed the wedding. But the place looked gorgeous! Try to enjoy the planning!

I'm sure the dress will turn out just the way you want it. Sounds like you found a great place for the wedding. Congratulations!

Sounds like a beautiful locale for the wedding :) Love the white lights and candles theme, so very you. As for the condo, any superwonderful friends looking to rent?

Email me if you want to talk flowers and decorations! The offer still stands! :)
I'm so excited for you!

The Brazil Room?

Those are definitely good problems to have. Everything will turn out wonderfully I'm sure.

Just the kind of good problems to make you really nutty! So do we all get to come to the wedding? :)

happy days! so exciting and stressful!
glad to hear you're almost finished with your training. you were sounding pretty tired there for a while. i vote for keeping the condo as a rental and moving in with your sweetie. if the market there is anything like the outrageousness of vancouver, property = cold hard cash.

Yay! Weddings... I love weddings... I always cry. Like a big... ole... um... thing that cries.

Wow, how exciting for you! You sound a bit wiped from it all, but you'll make it out the other end. Congrats on everything!!!

I'm jealous. My girl and I live 125 miles apart, with London in the middle just to make life interesting. Living together can't happen until sometime next year...

You're right, those are good problems to have. Even in a stressful kind of way!

oh man. congratulations on making your dream a reality but just reading about someone else's wedding plans, makes me rock in my chair. and not in a good way.

but i'm happy for you and lala.

Moving again? What's wrong with the condo? Too small? Congrats on the wedding plans! Very exciting.

Yay wedding planning for two fabulous people. Definitely some awesome problems for you. :)

good problems to have girl. :) yes indeed. place sounds beautylicious.

Congratulations on scheduling your wedding!! What an exciting time, if so stressful. You and your girl will look AMAZING, I am sure. (and frankly, if you feel on your wedding day as I felt on mine -- it won't matter a BIT what you wear, you'll still think she's never been more gorgeous, and she will think the same of you.)

Hi--an avid knitter delurking to show you this...I assume you've seen this already, but in case you haven't check out the pix for the "knitted wedding"...


My fave are the bridesmaid dresses--very flapper. What's your sweetie gonna wear?

Those are excellent problems to have! Congratulations on the nascent move with your girl and the upcoming wedding. I'm sure you've heard a million good tidings a million different ways, but there can never be enough, right? Blessings and good luck!!

yay! i'm sure it will be perfect.

Yay!! So exciting - wedding location, moving, etc. Totally understand the hate the moving thing, but just keep telling yourself, "It will be worth it when we can snuggle up together in *our* own place :-)

I'm sure the dress will turn out, but keep in mind that if it doesn't, you can always buy a nice one and make it yours by adding a hand-knit shawl or bolero type thing.

It's always something...this is the calm before the storm! How exciting for you! I'm supremely jealous, but in the best way possible. I'll send good juju your way. xoxo! :)

Congratulations - how exciting to have some concrete plans made! The place sounds wonderful - a friend of mine is getting married at the Log Cabin in the Presidio next summer, another charming place.

yay! What's the date?

You can have a gorgeous wedding for not that much $$$. And the important thing is that you get married. Need any ideas? Send me a note. I am the idea queen!

Congratulations on setting a date and picking a location! Now the fun part of planning can begin! Good luck with the move angst! I know it will all work out eventually.

As someone about to face the horror that is New York City real estate, I feel ya. I really truly do.

Wow ~ it all sounds super! I was wondering about the dress, had not heard about it in awhile. Best wishes!

How incredibly exciting for you! Congratulations and all the best for a wonderful wedding. I too had to move, cross-country, and plan a wedding at the same time. . . just think of how wonderful it's going to be when you lay your head in the same home! Yay!!!

How exciting!!!
Best wishes on the planning and figuring it all out.
I'm drinking a Bombay and tonic in your name.

Finding your wedding dress is like finding your partner...you just know.

I am so happy for you and La. Your wedding location sounds like magic!

Sheesh, I love a wedding. How freakin exciting. Just remember- all you need is you & La, someone to officiate and a coupla witnesses. The rest is gravy.

*Congratulations!!* I can't believe you're knitting your own wedding dress...that's fabulous. I hope it turns out perfectly!

I really like the idea of a potluck wedding! I actually went to one a few years ago at a farm in New Hampshire. The main course was a roasted hog, but then a buncha relatives brought potluck, and it was really nice.


I shall mail the salad spinner shortly.

when's the big day?!

I've been to a wedding there before and it was lovely. Congratulations!

My mom actually organized a potluck reception for my god sister a few years ago and it went off great, just don't organize it your self, too many wedding crazies.

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