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Cashmere?December 6, 2005

Howdy there, my friends. It's late, and I'm bleary-eyed, so this'll be quick, but I have a favor to ask. Where does one buy nice cashmere roving? Copper Moose? I only need a little bit for socks for a friend who's paying for the roving if I spin it up for her, and I'm DYING to get my little paws on cashmere in the raw, but I just don't know where to look first.

Me? All I'm knitting recently is socks. Lots of socks. They're good work projects -- small enough to work on when I'm in training (I can still look at the study papers, and never down at my hands), so no one tells me not to (thank GOD), and I'm just doing miles of stocking stitch. Miles of it. Maybe someday I'll make a patterned sock, but it hasn't happened yet. The other day a coworker turned around and said, "You, you, you're such a SOCK-KNITTER!" Said as an epithet, it's mighty funny.

Still behind in email. Forgive me.

(sleepy) MWAH!


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Paradisefibers.com. I love this company. They have the softest merino. I looked, and the prepared 100% Chinese cashmere top is between $12 and $11 an ounce, or about 160 bucks a pound. You know, if you want to knit yourself a bulky cashmere sweater. HA!

hola rachael/racheal, saw this link not sure if u have it so sending it...http://www.castoff.info/index.asp
peace out...

Ah...the new coworkers have no idea what's ahead of them. Just wait for the day when you put the sock aside and bust out one of your brilliant cable projects. Or a drop spindle. :)

(miss you) MWAH!

Royal cashmere, hands down, no question.


There is a list of retailers on the page.

Seriously, you'll love this.

Have you gone by Deep Color yet? You could try calling them tomorrow and see if they have some in stock. They are open on Wednesday from 1-5pm and on the weekends. The website is http://www.deepcolorstudio.com.

Good luck and have fun! Don't forget to beat the yarn up (full it) before you knit with it. It will be that much softer if you do!

Another place you might try is


Toni Neil is wonderful and very helpful. She has a little bit of everything in her store.

I've got to tell you--I just love spinning Peace of Yarn's cashmere/merino blend, available at Deep Color (or 2 oz. can be had by calling me and begging!). Don't forget the felting open house at Deep Color this Sunday.

Cooper Moose is where I get some if mine they have nice stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

erps...the link i gave u has nada to do with cashmere -- it's an all knit wedding and looks pretty cool...

I got some merino/cashmere blend from halcyon yarn this weekend from Sue for my b-day. I haven't spun it up yet but it is sinfully luscious.

I know that there is a lady around here, that's around Pittsburgh, that raises cashmere goats, she is a member of the butler spinners and weavers guild, and I hear her stuff is nice, at around $14/oz, I can find out more about it if you're interested.

TAG! :)


Carolina Homespun has cashmere. If its not on their website, contact 'em! I snagged some dove grey cashmere from them at BSG this summer for $8.50/ounce.

http://www.carolinahomespun.com 1.800.450.7786

Socks are great! Not to add to your probably enormous response list, but do you have any books or patterns to recommend for simple socks? I want to knit my first pair soon. (I like socks with ribbed tops, too) Yay, socks!

You can try Kendig Cottage, or Spirit Trail. Both are online and have wonderful Cashmere. I have spun both Royal and Mongolian Cashmere and both are wonderful.

how 'bout this place? www.spinningbunny.com/fibers/luxury.html
they seem to have a lot to choose from.

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