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GgheeftshDecember 12, 2005

I’m at the coffee-shop, and I just had to put in my earbuds and pop open the iTunes folder. Sometimes I don’t even have to – sometimes they’re playing good music and no one’s annoying, but that day is not today. Now, if you’re going to sit in a coffee-shop and talk on a cell-phone, don’t you think you could at least amuse me and use this?

Isn’t that wonderful? I’d heard of it, but hadn’t seen it. I really just want to use it while driving. Hee.

I’m sleepy this afternoon, a hold-over from earlier today. This morning I drove home, which is always difficult after the first night of work. I was so tired that I started “reading” my audible book back to myself, a second delayed, just behind the reader herself. It was pretty fun, actually. I added inflections and every once in a while threw in a funny accent. It kept me awake and made me think about the way I move my mouth when I talk in a new way. It’s odd to think about your tongue. Go ahead. Think about it. (Was it Calvin who used to run around suddenly realizing that his tongue didn’t fit in his mouth?)

When I hit the bed this morning, I couldn’t even roll over to turn off the ringer as usually always do. Didn’t figure anyone would call, and if they did, I’d just ignore it. Instead, the phone rang at about 10:30am. In my addled state, I thought it was the alarm going off, so I hit the snooze button. Then it rang again, and I thought, Oh! Might as well answer it! It was my sister Christy, and I think I totally confused her.

“Allo? Shneff?”
“Rachael? Are you asleep?”
“No! Shnerffgh.”
“You sound asleep.”
“No, I have to get up anyway. It’s time to get up. Bhecksl.”
“Why do you have to get up?”
“I don’t know.”
“Go back to sleep.”
“The alarm-snerrfh just went off. It’s time to get up. Wait. It’s not time to get up. Hgegh. Wait. Wait a minute. Wait, wait. It’s NOT time to get up? Hey! It’s not time to get up! I don’t have to get up! That wasn’t the alarm! I get to go back to sleep!”
“Okay, I’ll call you later.”

I was asleep four seconds after that. But I LOVED that phone call. It’s like a  present. Hey! Wake up! You don’t have to be awake! Isn’t that great? You get to sleep! Yay! (What’s bad is when you can’t go back to sleep, but I didn’t have that problem, so it was just fun.)


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Wow, somehow that all made sense!

That totally made sense. And it made me really sleepy.

Glad you got the sleep you needed. You're totally making sense. Yup. Ah ha.

What's even worse is when you take a message for someone and don't remember it cuz you were asleep. "Snerfahyylww. Someone called. Call'em back. Shoeheoreh."

Nothing like being woken and realizing there is more time on the alarm clock :)

I love how conversations like that make *total* sense to the sleepy one, but the listener has no idea what just happened.

And I believe it was Linus who became "aware of his tongue."

Heh. I use my cell as my alarm clock, which usually works as no one in their right mind would call me before 7am. There have been a couple times where the phone rang early and I just muted it and got up, realizing after my shower that "hey, I'm up awfully early" and looking back to see a missed call.

When I was little we had some "Peanuts" bed sheets with little cartoons on them and phrases about "Happiness is..."

One was Charlie Brown looking at his alarm clock saying "Happiness is realizing you still have one more hour before you have to get up." (or something very near to that - it's been a long time since I had those bed sheets!)

i love that phone receiver. i had a friend who had an old handset in his car. he liked to pretend to talk into it while in his car just to see if anyone noticed.

That phone receiver is hilarious. And so are you, m'dear.

OK, that cell phone attachment made me laugh uncontrollably. It made my day. Now, who can I buy that for??

Why do we always say "no" when someone calls while we're asleep and then asks if we were sleeping? I don't get it.

Sometimes I hate it when I sleep very soundly because I miss that delicious moment when I look over at the clock and see that I have two more hours to sleep.

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