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Happy New Year!December 31, 2005

Just a couple of things to start your year off right:

Officer Attacked by Pack of Angry Chihuahuas

That was the original title of the article, which at first I thought must be from the Onion and not the San Francisco Chronicle. I bet that the Fremont Police Department asked them to change it, though. Heh. I once knew an officer who screamed on the radio for code-3 cover when surrounded by a pack of five year-olds in a field. Later, he said, "But they were BIG five year-olds!"

Lala and I both think THIS is the best video ever. One take, yo. In the backyard. LOVE it.

And lastly, BART tracks, because they're happy things in the rain:


Enjoy your New Year's Eve celebration, wherever it is, be safe, and if you're home, open the door at midnight and welcome in the New Year. May this be the best one ever. Thanks for being with me, folks. All love.


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Happy New Year, Rachel and Lala!

Happy New Year, baby! Hug Lala for me, and please ask her to hug you for me.

Happy New Year and wonderful things for you both in 2006! Big Hugs.

All the best for 2006.


Happy New Year to you both! Thanks for sharing that great news story. Hee hee.

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Uh, Could you send some of those cute firemen friends of yours up here to Guerneville with a BIG ladder to get me off my roof if it comes to that? It's going to be an interesting NYE up here in the North Bay! :)

So much to look forward to in 2006! May you and La find the house of your dreams and have the wedding of your dreams! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I've seen you in person in '04 and '05 -- I hope the streak continues and I see you in '06!

Dude, I love you. Happy New Year to you and Lala!

Hope 2006 is everything you want it to be! Happy New Year to you both!

Happy New Year Rachel & Lala (and the pets too!) Here's to all your domestic wishes coming true this year! Cheers

Happy New Year to you and Lala! make it a good one!

Happy New Year to both of you, may 2006 bring all of your fondest wishes and hearts'desires.

I saw that on KTVU's web site! I was laughing hysterically and demanded that the article be shared for training in line-up last night! I remember the call and the officer you're referring to....LOL!

Happy New Year! That video rawks. The big finale, when they go for the lift and the singer's torso is out of frame? That's awesome.

Where did you get that great dance video link?? Silly dancing makes me unreasonably happy, and that absolutely made my day.

Happy New Year!

Dude! That video is fantastic! Thanks for sharing. Wishing you much love and laughter in 2006. Mwah!

Hope you have a very Happy New Year! And beyond!

And the happiest of happy new years to you, too, sweetie! XOXO

happy new year!

i found an exhibit y'all should come see -


(hint - if the link doesn't work, look at the present exhibits under 'banjo') ;)

I hope 2006 is the best year EVER for you and Lala.

Those guys ROCK! I laughed out loud at some of their moves, too amusing :)

Happiest of New Years for you and yours Rachael!

What a great video! I love it.

Best wishes to you and Lala and the animals for a happy and healthy (and houseful!) 2006. I miss you guys!

hee hee, that story reminds me of the story my husband has about 3 Yorkies taking out a full grown deer.

Happy New Year to you both as well!

Happyhappy New Year y'all!

How is it possible to miss two people you haven't even MET? Weird but true...

Anyway, happy, happy New Year's to you and Lala, and here's hoping maybe we actually get to be in the same place at the same time in 2006!!

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