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OversleepingDecember 15, 2005

(which is not as much fun as sleeping over, by the way)

Isn't it time for one? I'm planning now, 'cause I need to plan out my movements THIS far in advance right now. Mark your calendars, Bay Area Knitters:

January 14th, Saturday, 1pm, Temescal Cafe, 4920 Telegraph, Oakland (just down from Article Pract)

Don't worry, I'll remind you again.

I'm at a coffee-shop in Oakland with Lala, the Hudson Bay Cafe, and they just started playing Johnny Cash. Lala sighed and said, "I'm never leaving." Her internets are down at her house and while she works to fix them, she still needs a fix. So we came down here together, when I woke up from the longest nap ever.

See, I got off work this morning, came home, and meant to take a nap and then have my first day off. (If Thursday is a "day off" for you, but you don't get home from work until 7am, you've already lost 7 hours of that day off, so you can't waste much time sleeping if you want to maximize your weekend. You know?) I'd had a bit of MSG at work, and the roof of my mouth was swollen (in bad cases my whole face and then my tongue swells and I land on my back in the ER). So I took some Benadryl and went out for my nap. I thought nine to noon would be good. The alarm went off at noon, I groaned and hit the snooze, apparently turning it off for good, and woke again at 3pm. Fully rested, yes, but CRANKY. I'd lost a day! Grrrr! Stupid Benadryl.

But this is nice, just surfing the webs looking at this cute thing (and by that I mean the stud in the foreground, although the other two are cute, too):


I hope to entice her over to my place later, where I've promised her that I have wireless and silly TV, which will occupy her while I spin.

Tomorrow I go to the realtor to drop papers off -- going to look at how much we can qualify for. We'll look at how realistic buying another house and keeping the condo for income property is. Might be totally fucking nuts, in which we'll rent something and rent out my condo. But might as well dream, right?


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Dream high, darlings. You never know what might happen.

For the first 1.5 yrs of my current marriage, I lived in Texas and my husband lived in Kansas! We only saw each other for two nights and two days every other weekend. Talk about upset when you take a long nap!! I would cry if we woke up late in the morning because I lost part of that day with him. Or even worse, if we fell asleep on the couch watching bad TV - I had lost part of my night snuggling with him!!!

I'm so glad we live together now. :)

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