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Lace Shawl ThingieDecember 8, 2005

Howdy. How's your day? Mine's good, one of those Must Do Errands All Day In Order to Maintain Life's Order kind of day, not the kind of day that's good for spinning or knitting or dreaming, but one that's satisfying nonetheless. I'm trying to have less of these days, so on the days I must have them, I try to pack every single thing I can into them. When I got home yesterday morning from work, I did clean the house at least, something that makes me so happy for the rest of my weekend. The little things, like pulling dust bunnies out from under the bed and the couch (there was a LOT of dust, hellfire-have-mercy, it was a lot), and doing the coffee-cup dishes that have piled up over the work week, THAT makes me feel like I can go drink beer and eat sushi with a clear conscience.

So, because I'm off to do erranding, I'll just show you a couple of pics. Finally getting around to showing you the shawl thingie I made... I had a great date the other night, Skates by the Bay in Berkeley, steak AND crab, creme brulee for dessert, and I wore my new creation:

    Digit says he's never been fed, ever.


Yarn: Mine! Woot! It's a blend of merino and silk, about 80/20, I think, hunted and gathered at Deep Color in Kensington, spun into very thin singles and plied into a sockweight yarn. I loved the pinks mixed with the greens.
Pattern: Mine! Well, with a liberal dose of Barbara Walker, volume 2. I just pulled out two lacey things I liked and put 'em together, garter at edge and borders. I didn't write it down, I apologize, but you could totally do the same kind of thing with similar results.

    Why, hello!

A longer shot:

    What you can't see is the lace skirt with cowboy boots.

    Yes, this is after dinner. Thus the blurredness.

    My new favorite!


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Molto bella!

Love it love it love it! There's magic in making your own yarn, designing your own pattern, knitting your own scarf, and wearing it!!! Power!

beauty! and great pix too :)

Oh, so elegant. And especially special since you made it completely from scratch! How many knitters can say that?

It's beautiful! And . . .


(Lucy extends her sympathies to Digit)

I love the shawl. The pattern is very pretty. Perfect for the holidays when you are dressed up, but don't want to wear a coat. Great pictures too!

It's beautiful, and it suits you so well.

I'm coveting, and it's a toss-up as to whether I'd rather have the shawl, or your hairdo. Both are adorable!

You are beautiful.

Feed the cat.

Aww, the shawlette (nearly scarfy - so versatile!)... so so pretty. And the hair - pretty pictures of you! I need to wear makeup again. And fix my hair again. This stay-home-with-a-new-baby thing really lets me forget about looking good. I'm lucky my husband still comes home! :)

um, you are a hottie, woman. work that shawl!

Look great - and you don't have the triangle pointing at your butt thing happening with that shape. You'll be ever to wear this with everything! Awesome job and the yarn is gorgeous, too.

That is a beautiful creation! Great work.

I totally love it Rachael and it looks great! What a wonderful thing to spin the yarn and design the pattern. As always great work!

super cute--you and the scarf! thingie. i love it--you are so modest. it's terrific.

Gorgeous, Rachael!! (you and the shawl both) You look very happy. :)

Great pictures! Great shawl-thingy!!

I love it! And, you look Adorable in it - what a great stole!

Lookie at you! You're so damn cute.

Totally beautiful. As is the lacy shawl/scarf thingy. I can't wait to be able to spin well enough to actually make something with my handspun!

Ooo pretty!! It almost makes me brave enough to make something lacey and tedious...but that could be the thesis procrastination talking.

your digit and my sophie should join forces. she has never, ever been fed either!

your wrap is gorgeous!


You and your lace shawl thingie look gorgeous! I love the design, the length, the yarn - everything is awesome.

Oh, it's just beautiful. A start-to-finish Rachael production, too!

Mmm, Skates... One of our favorite date places too.

Oh, that's gorgeous. The shawl, I mean. ;-)

Everything looks great! You, your hair, the shawl. Now show us those cowboy boots.

Um... is it the new job or what? New hairdo? Because somehow you're looking even more cute.

Love the shawl. And Digit? Not buying it. Not from my cats, not from you.

Love the scarf/shawl - isn't it fun to make something from handspun? The problem I run into with my homespun is I try to find the "perfect" project for it and then I never end up making anything!
I had one of those errand days this week too - Costco, Safeway, Trader Joe's and the butcher - with two kids along for the ride!
Love the hairdo too - looking fabulous!

A thousand years ago I used to live in Kensington. I had a 3 bridge, 2 prison view. It was awesome. I miss alot. And now, Deep Color? Sigh. And for the record, even though I live across the country now, it makes me sad that Straw Into Gold is no more.

You look beautiful in your cration. Your pictures are excellent: sweet, beautiful and fun, as usual.

If the Berekley Bowl is still there and you ever go there, say hi for me! Yes, California dreamin'.

Great post!

Gosh, you're gorgeous. You take my breath away. Miss you!

Lovely work and lovely on you! :-)

It looks beautiful and you look like you're having so much fun with it! Good for you!!

you are the cutest and the scarf is really lovely.

BEAUTIFUL pattern combo!

Oh, so pretty. The scarf, I mean. ;)

Yes, yes, you're pretty too.

Love the colors; I bet the blog pix show only a fraction of their depth, but I can imagine. Enjoy!

You have done DAMNED fine my dear! You have so obviously mistressed that wheel! Hats off to you :) Lovely scarf/shawl, just beautiful.

(Gasp) It's beautiful!! I've never seen a lacy shawl in slightly rustic-looking grey yarn, and I have to say, I *love* it. It's amazing! And you look absolutely gorgeous as well.

That is truly beautiful. I must try designing one.

You look terrific. No offense: you always cute, but now you look as if you have lost a lot of weight. Love the hair.

Very pretty! Your spinning is fantastic, the pattern great!!! My pictures look that way even when I am not drinking.

It is so beautiful on you. The yarn is perfecto.

Wow, so beautiful!

And TAG, your it - a fun meme for you!

Oh it's gorgeous! Very, very nicely done!

Just when I was feeling all good about myself for finishing up my knitted gifts for my family for the holidays, you post something this beautiful and make me feel all inadequate again. I just do not get lace. I think it is my inability to count.

Anyway, it is beautiful, you are beautiful, Digit is a liar, and I hope you are ready for birthday karaoke.

I loove that shawl! Good ideas here, to be sure...

Hi Rachael, it's been a while! Nice lace scarf & yarn, you look great, too! Did you loose some weight?

It looks fabulous!

This is a shawl that will be in a museum someday...it is beatuiful, unique and priceless. Bring it home and we will document it for posterity.


gorgeous scarf. fucking gorgeous girl. wow. :)

p.s. um sorry for swearing right under your dad's comment. if i woulda seen that, i would've kept the F bomb under wraps. :)

And to top it all off, you have such a sweet dad.

Gorgeous scarf. Feed the cat. More about the date. ;)

hey again girlie -- another wedding link -- check out the crowns, found on knitting iris blog -- purty! sorry but every time i come across a knit theme for weddings i'll probably shoot you the link outta nowhere...cheers!

Beyoutiful! Love that scarf!

Your lace shawl is very beautiful and I love the color!

Gor-g-ous! Cowboy boots are very hot, so good call.

Gorgeous scarf! Some day I'll do that. Maybe.

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