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NopeDecember 21, 2005

But I typoed Hope. Interesting. They got fourteen offers (!) and took the highest bidder, and although we went over by quite a bit, we weren't that. Somehow, although it was the perfect house (minus those pesky complications like floors), I'm not broken up. I thought I would be. Maybe telling myself that big dreams wouldn't hurt actually worked. Dunno. Just means the better home is out there, right? Yep. But we might take a week off for holidays and recovery before we start looking again. Tiring, this big hopeful nervous feeling. Maybe that's why I'm feeling better today, just knowing one way or t'other. But darlings, all those crossed needles out there? I felt 'em, and love 'em and appreciate 'em, and I'm just going to apply them to the next house-gamble account, shall I? Big kisses to all y'all.


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But, see, what's going to happen is that tomorrow (or the day after, or three weeks from next Thursday), you'll be out doing something fun and fabulous, and you'll trip over a for sale sign, and that house will be even better and will be $8,000 cheaper and your offer will be the highest one and they will accept it and the financing will come through and then all will be right in the world.

I think you have the perfect attitude for finding a great house. Oftentimes, people get too emotionally wrapped up in finding a house to buy (of course they do, it's going to be their *home* for goodness sake!), but you have to be more logical/realistic, unfortunately. I agree with Jon; you'll find the perfect house when/where you weren't expecting it. That's what happened to me and I *love* my house and my neighborhood, which is a completely different neighborhood than the ones in which we were originally looking. Good luck! :)

Yup. Hang in there. It's gonna come through. Just know it. In my bones.

Sorry this one didn't work out. I'll just keep sending good vibes your way for whatever falls into your lap. HUG

Sorry . . .

But you KNOW something fabulous is right around the corner!

I'm sorry you didn't get it, but I'm sure there was a reason--obviously there is a better one out there! (Better for you, anyway, and probably with perfectly good floors already installed, too.)

Needles crossed constantly until you find your dream house!!

You have great perspective. It's hard not to get attached to each house that you like, but everything will come together at the right time in the right house!

Aw. Sorry about that. The real estate game sucks. Did you say you weren't pre-qualified? That will definitely help for the next time so maybe do that next? Good luck though! I'm a true believer in *things happen for a reason*.

Well heck that sure won't stop me from keeping the fingers crossed for that home to be for you both - keep the faith! Happy holidays!

Oh, that's so disappointing! House-shopping is definitely an emotional roller coaster. Definitely, take a break and enjoy the holidays.

It's so hard, but you've got the best attitude. Have faith--when my husband and I had "had it", we suddenly found our home. It's out there. You'll find it!

The right house is out there. It'll be easier to land it if you get the pre-approval for the financing out of the way though...

Fingers crossed.

your perfect house is out there! enjoy looking for it -- i love open houses.

Aw, sorry! I thought the market was slowing...I guess not in linoleum covered houses. I think that you and Lala would be able to make any house a beautiful home, so don't think there's only a few out there for you. Hang in there.

The house is out there. Be patient and the right one will find you.

We didn't get our "perfect house" either - and the one we have no is just OK, but it's much more affordable while we save up for the perfect house! :)
Yours will come along too. Enjoy your break!

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get the house, but your attitude about it is just wonderful. House hunting is so hard...I don't evny you.

Of course, with any luck at all, I'll be house hunting sometime in the near future....

I'm so sorry you didn't get your house- it's an up and down process isn't it? You see a place once and then you get excited and then you offer to pay strangers more money than you ever imagined in your life and then you don't get to see it again until they say yes. Phew! How scary.
I congratulate you on your balanced attitude though. When I was looking for a house three years ago I was a basket case- and I'm a house inspector and knew what to expect! If you have any questions that I can help ease your mind on, just let me know, (kyliepspooner@hotmail.com)
Don't worry- I'm from upstate NY so I'm not trying to corral you into commissioning an inspection from me. I just think knitters should help each other out. Good luck with the next one!

Sorry this house wasn't "the one" ... but "the one" is still out there and you'll find it. :)

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