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OrangeDecember 19, 2005

Think really good thoughts for us, okay? We're putting a bid in on a house this afternoon before I go to work. We have no pre-approved financing because god bless me if we ever do anything in the right order. This smacks of shades of the Little Red Wagon Wheel House: Bidding! Suddenly! Want a house! Yes, crazy!

But this house, oh. It has cosmetic blemishes (for the love of alpaca, the earnest young realtor had placed a red BOW on the side of the house), like needing flooring in pretty much every room in the place (linoleum in the bedroom), and it smells like smoke (and again, the young male realtor who probably called his mother for advice on this was burning candles, as many as possibly ALL the scented candles in Oakland, ALL the scents, so evergreen was mixed with vanilla mixed with lemon mixed with old smoke, and he was just grinning away on the couch -- he seemed very sweet, though). But it has three small bedrooms, one for us, and one for an office for each of us, which will add to sanity, and it has a yard, and it's in the BEST neighborhood, one that we know and love, and we met some neighbors who were the cutest things, and the best was when La told me later just what I was thinking, "It's the kind of place I always thought I'd live when I grew up." Me, too.

And hey, if it's not to be, it won't be. I worry about disappointing Lala, and I worry about disappointing myself. I worry that my big sudden dreams will be smashed on the ground, but I  know that the actual truth is that if that happens, I'll just be disappointed. I'll have a good cry, and Lala will be sad, but she'll tell me it's okay, and then we'll rent out my place and rent a bigger place for us to be together, and that's what this is all about anyway, right?

It sure could be cute, though. We'd paint it orange. Dreams don't hurt.


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*thinking the best thoughts I can muster*

It's hard to be Zen about it when you want something so much, isn't it? Good luck!

Oh, how cool! I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed!

**good thoughts**

fingers crossed for you both!!!

good luck!

Since it smells like smoke, please mae sure you check that the place has not been involved in a fire. People do fix things up and sell them after a fire and not tell. (Even though they are supposed to.) Candles burning should not smell like smoke. And I am crossing my fingers for you.

All my fingers and toes are crossed for y'all! And it is really really hard to want something so bad and try to be objective, but it is a good thing, even if it turns out not to be for a little while.

And... if it *does* work out and you do get it, I have one word for any nicotine stain issues that might arise in the near future: KILZ.

Sending good, positive thoughts to you and La! Best of luck!

Fingers crossed!!! (The apt. I'm in had carpet in the bathroom & kitchen... What are people THINKING when they put down floors?!? My Dad wanted me to put down wall-to-wall over my wood floors! Honestly!)


Thinking *good thoughts* for whatever is to happen to happen. :) And a little old fashioned Good Luck wouldn't hurt either!

Fingers crossed! Toes crossed! Legs crossed! Eyes crossed!

I'm sorry I read this post before I started making the last set of stitch markers I have to do for the holidays. They're going to look like crap with all of this crossing going on around here.

Best of luck -- I'm hoping like hell on your behalf.

good thoughts good thoughts good thoughts

Yeah! Orange!

Best of luck, babe.

Good luck! My fingers are crossed for you! :)

Good luck to you on your house buying venture! I'm sending good thoughts your way.

Fingers FIRMLY crossed . . .

Thinking orange thoughts and dreaming high for you darlings.


Fingers crossed!

Good luck!! Sending good vibes your way....

Dreams are good. Add me to the list of good thought thinkers!

That realtor sounds like an Eliza Doolittle in need of a Henry Higgins. Should I maybe volunteer?

Good luck with the house! And you know... if it's meant to be, it'll work out.

House hunting is such an emotional rollercoaster. I am keeping good thoughts for you!

I'm crossing my fingers (and my needles too) for both of you!

What a great holiday gift the house would be. Needles are crossed. (I can't cross my fingers or I wouldn't make my holiday knitting deadlines.) Good luck!

Sending good house karma out your guys way!

(Chanting, chanting...) Keeping the fingers crossed for the deal to happen!!) You both deserve it.

Good luck on the bidding process. I hope you two get it!

good luck, my needles are crossed!

fingers, toes, and everything else crossed for you two!

GOOD GOOD LUCK! I hope you get the right house for you.

We can have a big ol painting party when/if/when you get the/a house. I love to paint. And no drinking til we're done...not much anyway.

Good luck, Rachel and Lala! We have our fingers crossed for you! TMK and Ryan

thinking good thoughts for you two!

Needles and fingers crossed for you!!

Well I'll certainly will keep my fingers crossed for the two of you.
Best wishes

Needles crossed for you two!!!!!!!!

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