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Tow TrucksDecember 20, 2005

Still haven't heard yet, and it's 5:25pm. They accepted offers this morning at 10am. I'm terrified, both that we get it and that we don't. If we get it, and we get the money, and it funds, then dude, we have some work to do. If we don't, sigh.... It's the cutest place. It's a Lala and Rachael place. But house or no house, Lala's my girl, so that's the most important thing.

Also, she's very nice when a tow truck driver decides that driving on the right is just SILLY. It's an argument for camera phones, people. He looked down at me from his window, and Lala said from over my shoulder, "You just hit us!"
He said, "You hit ME!"
Then he tried to put his truck in drive, and he did move it just a few inches. I jumped into action, flinging dogs all over the interior of my car, scrambling for my phone, throwing open the car door. He froze, in what looked like confusion, and I ran all over the street, all angles, taking photos, yelling in my loudest voice, "That's good! Great! I got it! Yeah! That's it!" (What was I, on a modeling photo shoot? Lookin' good, baby.)
The next words I heard from him were while he was talking on his cell phone to his boss, "We're going to have pay for this one, boss."


All are fine, dogs and girls, and the company (when they heard that I really did have photos) is paying for the repairs, no questions asked.

Lala's account is better than mine.

Now, here's hoping the realtor calls soon with good news!


Fingers crossed for you girls! Real Estate is SO stressful. Glad your fender bender was nothing more than that and it will all be paid for!

Still sending good thoughts . . .

Good luck with getting yourselves into that house. Nothing is more fun that getting a living space you love and will get to grow with!

good news...good news....good news....good news....(I'm doin' the good news chant for ya.)

Everything is crossed, including my eyes.

By the way, I was at a shoot today (I'm a hand model of sorts these days, apparently) and "My Humps" came on the iPod/iTunes thingy and I couldn't explain why it was so funny. Which is sad, because that song is kinda pathetic-funny on its own, but...whatever. It made me think of you both.

Wow, you guys have had an eventful day! Good thoughts to you and Lala! All the best!

Call me a bad person, but my first thought on seeing the photo was "omigod, CUTE CAR". Can't imagine for a moment what that tow truck driver was thinking though.

The waiting part on a house offer just sucks, doesn't it? Really. I'm just about to go to bed on my side of the continent, but I'll keep whichever appendages I can crossed for you overnight. *hugs*

Golly gee whiz, Rach. Yikes, I'm so sorry, but glad you and Lala and the dogs are fine. And that this company will be responsible to take care of damages. The threat of pictures does wonders, doesn't it?!

HA HA! You got him! That's wicked awesome. A lot of those "professional" drivers try to get away with near murder ... And you got him! Great thinking by taking pictures. You go girl!! :) I'm glad you, Lala and the puppies are okay. My fingers are still crossed about the whole house thing ...

Oh you poor darlings. You're in the middle of thinking about whether or not you got the house and then this happens with the damned tow truck! Dang, baby. All I can say is Dang! You know I love you both. More power to ya.

You are such a badass! I hope you guys get the house. The right one is out there for you, you know!

you rock. thank goodness for cell phone camera's eh?

...my needles are still crossed for you two!

Good work with the camera phone. And how sad am I? I woke up this morning and thought: I wonder if Lala and Rach got the house!


And I'm sending as many positive house vibes that I can your way!

(I'll also send win-the-lottery vibes too.)

I love that you cold-busted him with your camera phone! Awesome!

I've got my fingers crossed for you two, and am thinking happy-home-getting thoughts your way!

Hooray for cameraphones! That guy is so busted.

Great job taking the photos, I'm not sure I would have had the presence of mind to think of that.
Good luck with the offer on the house.

Yesssss!!! Good work, Nancy Drew! :-)

heh heh -- great reflexes there.

any word yet?

Keeping my fingers crossed for the house - and definitely quick thinking to photograph the "Scene of the crime". Not what you want to have to deal with at this time of year though... Anyway, I'll wait for house news updates!

why does the driver saying "this one" make me think he's done this before, but with less prepared people in the other car.... ?

Keeping fingers crossed (boy, its hard to type with crossed fingers ;-) )

That is too good. I got my car towed a couple weeks back, and the driver tried to back into the garage, failed, and ended up blocking ALL 3 lanes of West Macarthur. Right at Broadway. Needless to say, folks were not happy about this.

On top of that, sitting between me and said driver was a guy who reeked of stale booze and whose car was covered in blood.

Oh, Oakland, never a dull moment.

Good luck on the house!

I heard an NPR article some time ago about how people were using camera phones photos to help identify burglars and store robbers, etc. Good on you for thinking of it!

Best of luck for the house offer.

You're awesome both for going Diva Photographer on the truck driver (and causing snorts of laughter in an accounting cubicle) but tilting at the Bay Area real estate market. Thinking happy orange thoughts at you and Lala...

Yet another blessing that blogging has wrought...I always have my digital camera on me.

Continuing good thoughts for the house...wouldn't that be a marvelous holiday gift?

Good thought, good thoughts.

And good for you nabbing that guy like that! Best use for a camera phone I've ever seen.

Man, that's a perfect argument for a camera phone -- good for you for thinking and reacting so quickly! Must be why you're becoming an emergency dispatcher!

keeping all my fingers and toes crossed!

Oh, so glad everyone is okay. And I did not realise, somehow, that Lala used to live in Idaho. I just moved to Pocatello, and I agree with her re: bad drivers in this state.

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