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Wrap ThisDecember 22, 2005

    Yes, this is Rachael wrapped. I'm not fixing it.

I hate wrapping gifts. Always have. If it's not a book or a CD, I can't wrap it. I've been known to use duct tape and newspaper. It's not pretty. Every year, I buy a couple of rolls of Christmas paper and then I throw the remainder out after the holidays (okay, I recycle it) because I hate wrapping paper that much. Gifts during the year are given in bags that I've been given gifts in. God bless the people who give me gifts in bags. Otherwise, I throw some ripped paper around the gift, stick tape on it, enough to hold (although I was running out tonight and only had strapping tape left in the kitchen, so I used little slivers of tape instead of my usual streamers, so it may be an ugly Christmas).

Also, I've lost the sharpie I was using to write: MOM! From RACHAEL! on the wrapping paper (tags and bows, phooiee). I think I may have wrapped it into something at one point.

Anyway. Now I'm watching Lala wrap gifts. She's actually good at it, and I'm NOT DOING IT, so I'm fine. Kinda fun this way. (She's says I'm not bad at it, just differently abled.)

I'll be out of town for a while, so I'll be absent from blogland, but happiest of holidays, whichever you celebrate. MWAH!


Have you ever thought of using fabric to wrap gifts in? Throughout the year, I make fabric bags or creative uses of fabric to contain my gifts. Relatively cheap and reusable.

I can never seem to cut the paper to the right size and end up with my gift poking out one end. It's definitely easier to reuse gift bags. At least you're done for this year! Happy holidays!!

Happy holidays to you and LaLa. I've always thought that those gift bags were one of the best things ever - especially for those of us who are wrapping paper challenged.

Honey, I think you're the reason they made gift bags.

I suck so hard at wrapping, I always tear the paper, and use like four rolls of duct tape.

It's so not pretty.

Amen, sistah! I suck at wrapping, I hate wrapping, and my wrapping SUCKS.

There, I think I've covered it.

I'm with you: if it ain't square, I can't wrap it. Hooray for gift bags! (And I've been known to find gift bags big enough to store *myself* in.)

Suckass wrappers of the world, unite!

My mom is brilliant at it. I don't know what the hell happened with me.

Happy Holidays, Rachel! Have a wonderful time.

Happy Holidays to you and Lala and your families! mwah!

Happy Holidays!

Oh, sweetie. You make me wish I had taken pictures of my "wrapping" before I shoved the gifts in a suitcase! Suffice it to say, I think I hate wrapping as much as you do. Unfortunately, I have my doubts about a gift bag's ability to stand up to the abuse of being in a cargo hold on a plane.

Happy Holidays! I will miss reading your blog.

Yay for gift bags! All gift wrapping falls to the Boyfriend - when he wraps presents they come out looking fantastic. Me? Gift bags all the way, baby. Really, it's better that way.

Happiest to you and Lala, too! =)
Um...I don't know what possessed me this year to sew my own drawstring holiday giftbags...especially considering I am just learning how to use a sewing machine. But there you have it. Up til 5 AM ... sewing...a little bit of cursing...need more wine... =p

Yeah, my huband's idea of wrapping is sticking it in a large paper grocery bag, folding the bag over, maybe taping it shut and writing the person's initials on it with a Sharpie. At least you got out the Christmas paper.

My sister is the same way. It is not unusual to get gifts from her wrapped in newspaper, or a plastic bag, once even a garbage bag.

Happy holidays to you and La-la!

I think you are a brilliant differently-abled wrapper.

Frankly, from Bloglines excerpt, I was expecting a picture of YOU wrapped up.

Just sayin'.

Have a great holiday!

A tape dispenser--not like the ones in the store and Costco sized tape bundles have been my savior. Lots of tape. Packing tape is good too. Happy Holidays to you and Lala!

Merry Christmas to you 'n' Lala, from me 'n' TMK!!!!!!

P.S. I love to wrap gifts. Will you still speak to me anyway?

Happy Ho Ho to you and Lala from Craig and me.

I hate wrapping too. I've been doing it for 3+ hours and the only thing making it tolerable is the fact that I'm drinking.

Craig is a WAY better wrapper than me. Poohey!

Merry Christmas to you and Lala! Enjoy this holiday season, knowing you have many, many, many more together.

I USED to really enjoy wrapping presents. Made each a unique 'experience'. Now I get the kids or hubby to do the honors. Enough already!

Happiest of Holidays to You and Your Lala :)

You're hella funny, Rach! I remember your comic book wrapped gifts! Merry X-mas

I'm a terrible wrapper too. Nobody really remembers the paper and ribbon, I keep telling myself.
Happy Holidays to you!

Love it - I'm a "differently abled" present wrapper, too. Got my Sharpie. Check. Got oodles of tape. Check. Hope the recipients have their Swiss Army knives handy!

that's why i have a 17 year old slave (daughter). hope you had a happy holidays!

Happy holidays to you and Lala!

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