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BlechJanuary 9, 2006

Sick with bronchitis. I hate being sick, and I hate lung stuff (although I hate strep throat more, I think). Staying in bed/on couch for the next 24 hours and hopefully I'll burn it out. Lala's on her way over to bring me tea and crackers, so I'll feel better soon. The candle only burns at both ends for a while and then the flame meets in the middle and burns the person who's holding it, the person who starts to wonder why the hell am I even holding a candle that burns from both ends when lighting from Ikea is so remarkably inexpensive?

Off to cough. Get some more sleep, people. Yeah, that means you, too. Nasty bugs going around....


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Ugh. I hate hate hate bronchitis. Hope you're feeling better soon.

get well soon. nice thoughts and wellness vibes from texas.

Get healthy!!

Hugs, Rachel. Feel better soon.

Awww...feel better soon and let Lala take care of you a bit!

I hope you feel better... I had bronchitis this past fall. A lot of sitting on the couch watching tv. There are only so many reruns of "Little House on the Prairie" that I can take...

Just about the ONLY fun part of being sick is seeing what silly stuff people recommend to cure you. My grandmother always swore by whiskey stirred with a peppermint stick, or whiskey with honey in it. Or, in a pinch, just a bit of whiskey. ;o) Whatever you use, get well soon, and good luck with the house buying!

You definitely hate strep throat more. You do. After 5 bouts of it in 10 months, I had to have my tonsils taken out last May. NOT fun when you're thirty something, no matter how many popsicles you get to have for breakfast. Get better soon, darlin'.

Awwww! You didn't seem sick at all yesterday--I'm sorry to hear about the change in weather! Take care, dearie.

I hope Lala nurses you back to health! I'll take your advice and get some instant hand sanitizer because those kiddies are coming back to school with who knows what.

Ewww, yucky. Hope you feel better real quick! ...lots of tea and Vit. C and chicken soup.

Feel better!

i got knocked on my ass recently by the sick fairy, but thankfully it was right after christmas and right before new years... i wasnt working! hm, perhaps it was those six little petri-di...i mean cousins running around my parents house at christmas.

Feel better soon. Rest a lot. No hugs - don't wanna catch your cooties. :)

Feel better.

Buy Ikea candles.


Icky. Feel better soon!

You get sick more'n anyone I know. And I mean SICK. Flu, bronchitis, strep...I hope this doesn't last long. And then you can explain the candle thing to me, because ya kinda lost me there.

I hear ya about the strep, I just got over a bout of it myself, ugh!

Get better so you can knit out on Saturday! I'll definitely be there.

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